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STOP WA from culling sharks!!!

09 December 2013 - 04:13 PM

Western Australia's Fisheries Minister, Troy Buswell, has warned a soon-to-be-unveiled shark policy will upset some people in the community.


Today at 10am Western Australian time the WA Government will announce it's a new, potentially "draconian" shark policy. Already kill orders on sharks sighted too close to shore have been issued, so just how much stricter can we get? 

Please help the WASC fight this. Thank you for your support











Do you think Ocearch really love sharks?

14 November 2013 - 04:17 PM

Seriously, do you think these guys are doing any good to the sharks? I recently started a conversation on their Facebook page. They claimed that they execute 12 different research projects on each shark using SPOT tag which is known to cause damage to the dorsal fins of the tagged sharks. Also, the trauma that the shark has to go through during the tagging process is unbelievably cruel.

Great white grab: OCEARCH tags first shark of the summer - CBS News Video


When I question them on their inhumane method, they emphasized that they are helping the sharks and said that sharks do shed the tags and the fins heal in time. Haven't they really not seen a damaged dorsal fin caused by their method? They also mentioned that 200K sharks are finned each day and they must pioneer research as fas as they can to find breeding sites, nurseries and migratory paths etc. so they can protect them.




I further question them if they also think that shark finning is the biggest thread, why not spend the money on more beneficial projects like educating the fishermen etc. .

Frankly, I don't undestand why tagging will help. Wouldn't tagging the sharks and tracking them (if their data is correct and sharing it so publicly) make the sharks more vunerable? Now, the crafty fishermen can track and fish them easily and destroy whatever breeding grounds that these guys found and wept them out completely?


They STOP answering my queries.