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In Topic: Panasonic LX100 M2 announced

06 September 2018 - 06:01 AM

I got an email from Nauticam that they are releasing conversion kit to allow the NAU-LX100 to work with the LX-100II, and posted about it in the photo gear forum.  It is a relatively minor part needed to convert the LX100 housing to an LX100II housing.  

In Topic: Nauticam and the LX100II

06 September 2018 - 05:58 AM

Update:  I got word this morning from Nauticam that they are releasing conversion kit to allow the NAU-LX100 to work with the LX-100II.  It is a small piece, which, from what I can tell from the drawing they sent, either adjusts the button to press one of the top function buttons on the camera, or it adjust the on-off switch.  Either way, it is a relatively minor part needed to convert the LX100 housing to an LX100II housing.

In Topic: Moving from Crop to FF - Advise

06 September 2018 - 05:48 AM

Since you are talking Sony E-mount (I used to use those), you might want to try full frame lenses e-mount lenses on the APS-C camera, if there are lens ports that permit that. 

Part of the reason I left Sony E-mount was the lack of decent APS-C e-mount lenses (Canon, Sony and Nikon all neglect their APS-C lens lineup because the full frame lenses are more lucrative.  They are also generally heavier/bigger).  Personally, I found it difficult to get enough depth-of-field when I was shooting full-frame, while still keeping noise to acceptable levels.  But that is just me, everyone has their own views.  Whatever you are most comfortable with is the right answer for you!

In Topic: Nauticam and the LX100II

23 August 2018 - 06:43 AM

I agree KC. I would call this a “nice to have” upgrade, not a “must have”. If it fits into my NA-LX100 housing, I’ll do it, because it would be kind of cool to have a newer generation camera for underwater, without having to go through the expense of getting a new housing. I’m just not ready to plunk down a ton of money on a new housing anytime soon. Overall, I am very happy with the LX100, it’s compact, but very fully featured - I’ve gotten some very pleasing video underwater out of it (I don’t think that the LX100II will be significantly better on the video front), and also shot some nice stills (though I still need more practice on my underwater stills).

The new sensor is a welcome upgrade, a bit more resolution, which is nice for things like scales of a fish or other finer textures. The more attractive upgrade for me is the touchscreen. It’s irrelevant underwater, but I use my LX100 sometimes as a walk-around camera when I don’t feel like carrying my bigger mirrorless, and it was really kind of inexcusable that the original LX100 didn’t have a touchscreen. It really helps the usability of a small camera like that. The other attractive upgrade is the improved JPEG engine that you note, from the G9 and GX9. The LX100’s JPEGs are kind of crappy, but the raw files are fine, and I can really do a lot with them in Lightroom. Generally, I usually shoot raw + JPEG, but my other camera (Fuji X-H1) has some really nice JPEG profiles that I just can’t improve on (processing raw images in Lightroom). Having nice JPEGs built-in could really save some time.

In Topic: Nauticam and the LX100II

22 August 2018 - 09:32 AM

I saw the dimensions, but then I kept looking at the pictures and they looked identical.  So I looked online -- Panasonic UK has the depth of the LX100II at 64.2 mm and the LX100 at 55mm (other dimensions are almost identical).

So, just to be sure, I measured the depth of my LX100.  It's about 64mm from the edge of lens (when retracted) to the back edge of EVF.  So I'm wondering - is the LX100 really 9 mm thicker?  Am I measuring incorrectly -- maybe depth is only the body, not including the lens -- but in that case the depth is more like 35mm (to the back edge of the EVF, 43mm if you add in the depth of the grip). 

I guess we will find out eventually.