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In Topic: for sale Fuji E900 complete setup

26 May 2009 - 06:33 AM

Hi Maarten

I'm interested to get into underwater photography, and suspect neither my Canon 350D nor my Sony DSC-P150 are ideal

This sounds like a good kit, however without knowing its age and how this kind of equipment devalues, I have no feel for a fair price

Also, if you don't mind giving me the benefit of your wisdom: am I better-off with a fish-eye or a wide-angle lens?  What kind of ISO can it manage without unreasonable noise?  Are the CCD and aperture large enough to cope without a strobe?  If so, what are the depth-of-field effects and are these good, or something to avoid?

Sady, I wasn't able to view your website.  I'll try again later

Many thanks,