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In Topic: 12th CMAS World Championship

20 June 2009 - 05:37 AM

It was good to see all of you and big congratulations to all winners.


Congratulations to Espen and to the best photographers after the jury has finished the job:

1. Denis Palbiani ( 222,8 Points)
2. Carlos Minguell ( 221,1 Points)
3. Eol soo Kim ( 176,5 Points)

After the jury´s decision the president decided to transfer this points into an nobody_nows_what this_bullshit_means point system.
That means that a photo on place 1 ist 511 times better than a photo on place 10, but the real different was only 2 points or so.
After this displacement Denis went down to 6...

Now i have an idea what Alex means some posts earlier...

The rules for the "contest" were online available for more than 9 month.
Those responsible changed the rules the night before the contest starts.
An absolutely "No Go" was to give the permission for a second camera in the contest this evening
That was absolutely unfair for those guys who leaved there second camera at home, because they have red the rules previously.

In my opinion it was not like a world championship, it was an amateur contest, a big joke.
But the dinner was ok ;-)

That has nothing to do with the friendly Korean´s or with any participant.
The officials did a lot of mistakes. (To break with the own rules, no oxygen or spare air in the beginning, unable to explain the categories, no breefing at all etc.)

Once again, congratulation to Espen.


In Topic: 12th CMAS World Championship

11 April 2009 - 07:07 AM


Updated participants are here;


and I still not see Spanish team there yet.

few sample pictures of Jeju Isld.



Hi Sam,

thanks for this information.

Me (Thomas Heckmann) and Armin Trutnau will participate from Germany.

See you in Jeju,