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In Topic: Ncups SEA international Photo Competition 2015

02 June 2016 - 08:21 AM

We actually judged this competition in January.  The judges were:  Jason Bradley from Bradley Photographic, Ethan Daniels of Ocean Stock Images, and Sterling Zumbrunn of Sterling Zumbrunn Visuals.  


We had a few of our key volunteers who were key to running this competition step down due to health and other life changes.  There is no doupt we are struggling to fill the very big shoes they left behind.  We built a new volunteer team in Feb/March in order to help wrap up this competition and have been working on re-setting many of the trip must travel durations with our sponsors in order to make sure the prizes hold the same usefulness and value for our winners.  


I am happy to announce that the Best in Show Winner has been notified and has selected his prize.  We are moving down the point list of the winners and notifying them accordingly by total points scored so they can select their prizes.  We'll be in touch soon and  will announce all the winners to the public shortly.