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Help with slave strobe

21 December 2009 - 05:46 AM


I'm after a bit of help, Im using a fairly basic P&S digtal compact Panasonic DMC-FS3 to be exact.

I've just got a second hand Ikelite substrobe AQ/S off ebay, it seems to work, but is very encrusted with salt so will be to be stripped down and cleaned / greased up before it goes in the water.

The problem i have is that although i can see the slave flash fire (and i'm still seeing purple spots!) the flash isn't showing up in the camera.

The camera is very basic in what i can change, but according to the screen the following has been set.

Single flash (no red eye / preflash)
f 2.8
iso 100

There is no gap that i can see between the 2 flashes, and definatly only one flash is coming from the camera, so unless the slave is just too slow i'm not sure..

If i use the camera to take a longer exposure 5secs + in a blacked out room and maually trigger the slave then the shot is fine (if blurry).

Any ideas on how to make it work? or do i just except that the 2 wont work together and put the strobe back on ebay?