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SeaLife DC1400 PRO DUO, Camera/housing/strobe/light, plus all Accessories

05 February 2013 - 10:23 AM

Selling my briefly used complete SeaLife pro duo. All the Underwater Photography Essentials and Backups in a Single Package for $995.
This is an almost new - used on a dive trip in November, 2012 - complete SeaLife DC1400 Pro Duo set, including the new 14 pixel digital camera, strobe, and focus/video light. Basic kit selling at LeisurePro, amazon, and eBay (Buy it Now) for $1099.95. I added essentials to make it a complete setup, ready for next dive trip, including 8GB memory card, extra camera batteries, batteries for strobe and light, and diffuser valued at $200. Asking price for this $1300 package is $995, including shipping (USCON).
The complete SeaLife DC1400 Pro Duo set includes the new 14 pixel DC1400 digital camera, dual light capability of a Digital Pro Flash (SL961) and a Focus/Video Light (SL980). Included are ALL accessories, an 8GB SDHC memory card, Lithium camera battery and charger, Flash Diffuser, Moisture Muncher pack, spare o-rings, USB connector, AV connector, USB AC power adapter and instruction manuals. This set-up also includes two extra Lithium camera batteries, eight rechargeable AA batteries for the Pro Strobe and Focus/Video Light and a recharger, and extra o-rings, separate cases for camera, lights, batteries and chargers.
Payment via PayPal. Shipping within continental US included.
I will also post detailed list of items, model numbers, and features.

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