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17 September 2010 - 08:20 AM

Neat topic. I downloaded a trial version of Lightroom to get the numbers, since Bridge doesn't seem to allow to search by lens type (just focal length, which messes up the numbers for zoom lenses).

These stats are all for underwater images shot with a Nikon D3 (FX), between April 2008 (when I switched over to digital) and last weekend (when I first tried out the Nikon 16-35mm).

All Images

Total underwater images 10913   
Sigma 15mm FE		   58.36%
Nikon 16-35mm			0.41%  (Very New lens)
Nikon 20mm			  13.21%
Nikon 60mm			   5.54%
Nikon 105mm			 22.47%
Total wide angle		71.99%
Total macro			 28.01%

Keeper Images

Keeper images			1952
Sigma 15mm FE		   60.09%
Nikon 16-35mm			0.10% 
Nikon 20mm			  11.32%
Nikon 60mm			   5.12% 
Nikon 105mm			 23.36%
Wide angle keepers	  71.52%
Macro keepers		   28.48%

Favorite Images

Favorite images		  551
Sigma 15mm FE		   40.83%
Nikon 16-35mm			0.00% 
Nikon 20mm			   1.27% 
Nikon 60mm			   4.54% 
Nikon 105mm			 53.36%
Wide angle favorites	42.11%
Macro favorites		 57.89%

So a lot more overall shooting with wide angle lenses, but the favorites lean more towards macro. Interesting!

By the way, is there an easy way to get all these numbers without creating separate collections to do the counting? I'd never used Lightroom before and didn't see anything relevant in the menus or help (although I didn't spend a ton of time searching).

And since the topic of the 16-35mm has crept into this thread, I gather from other sources too that it is better than the 17-35mm underwater and is stunning behind the Zen 230 dome. For now, I'm shooting it with my existing Subal 8" Fisheye dome, with a 70mm extension, and am trying shots with and without a 2+ diopter. This is all to keep me busy until it's time to splurge on the Zen dome and have a really sweet combination :D