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Ikelite DS 160

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Posted 03 July 2008 - 07:16 AM

Isn't anyone aware of the strobe market outside underwater? There are plenty of Nikon and Canon compatible strobes and manufacturers have figured these protocols out. There are even strobes with modular TTL controllers. It's been done just not by underwater strobe manufacturers.

As for some of the points made here:

The Ike strobe is not even a sealed unit now, no strobe is, so adding a module doesn't change that. A properly engineered solution wouldn't even require an additional seal.

The size of the strobe is related to its weight and adding a TTL control board would not require much extra weight. There's already air inside a strobe.

Adding a converter inline in the strobe cable adds failure points that reduce the reliability of the system. That is inarguable. That's not to say inline converters are unreliable (those SnS ones have been), only that they are less reliable.

Inline strobe converters are not universal with respect to strobes OR protocols. Adding them inside the strobe removes the strobe dependency.

Adding a module for each strobe is no big deal. You own at least one battery for each strobe you use after all. It's a matter of cost. These things don't need to be switched out regularly or even at all. Reconfiguring at the factory isn't unreasonable and is already being done.

It is easily conceivable that all protocols could be supported and that only a switch be required. Such a switch would not even require a housing penatration. L&M and Inon have both demonstrated this.

A common cable could be used in such an approach but it may not be the cable you already use.

Frankly, I don't see why anyone would ask a manufacturer to integrate TTL without asking them to also add optical triggering and make TTL work with that. I would rather have an industry standard for optical than TTL personally.

Ikelite hasn't added optical to its strobes so I doubt it's in any rush to implement anyone's specific requests.
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