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Settlement plates photography

23 April 2010 - 10:17 PM

Hello All,

My name is Tamar and I'm a marine ecology student from Israel.

I'm working on larval settlement and recruitment in the Mediterranean, currently dealing with some barnacles, bivalves and periwinkles species in the intertidal zone.

For assessing settlement and recruitment I'm using 10*10cm PVC plates covered with a plastic polymer which is a great substrate for the spats and cyprids (settling larvae).
Each plate is examined and countered under a dissecting microscope- while the specimens size begins from 0.3mm.
I am using binocular microscope camera (Olympus XC30) with a 10*10 grid in order to photograph each plate (for a later image processing) - however, this requires 100 frames per each plate, and therefore is a big pain in the ass.

Is there any camera with such a resolution on which I can photograph one frame of 10*10cm and will be able to spot objects <0.5mm?
Or, do you have any other idea which will make this task bearable?

I'm attaching both settlement plates field photo and a lab photo of a spat (length ~0.4mm).

Thanks in advance,

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