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#392629 Triton Bay, West Papua with Panasonic GH5

Posted by bubffm on 23 February 2018 - 08:38 AM

Attached a clip of our diving trip to Triton Bay in January 2018.   Dolphins, Whale-sharks, Mobulas, huge schools of fish, incredible soft corals and good macro.


For those interested, I used the following lenses:

Panasonic 12mm Summilux

Panaaonic 7-14mm

Panasonic 12-35mm

Olympus 12-50mm (for Macro)


Color corrected and edited with Davinci Resolve 14


I hope you enjoy. 


#398906 Blue Shark In The Dark

Posted by EricS on 31 August 2018 - 05:20 PM

Blue shark shot around sunset 20 miles south of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.  Shot August 24, 2018.

Attached Images

  • Blue_on_Black_Compressed-1.jpg

#395403 Lost In Time (Junkers Ju 52 wreck)

Posted by Davide DB on 15 May 2018 - 02:29 AM

After two years of struggles I finally came back filming. Nothing special, just a short dive on a recently discovered wreck near Capri Island. A good chance to use for the very fisrt time my GH4. Average water visibility but pitch black so I bit the bullet and filmed everything at ISO 1250.


The Junkers Ju 52/3m (nicknamed Tante Ju ("Aunt Ju") and Iron Annie) is a German trimotor transport aircraft manufactured from 1931 to 1952. In a military role, it flew with the Luftwaffe as a troop and cargo transport and briefly as a medium bomber. The Ju 52 continued in postwar service with military and civilian air fleets well into the 1980s.
The wreck was discovered in the 2016 and lies at 72m (236ft) on a sandy bottom in the so called "Mouths of Capri", the channel between Capri Island and the mainland ( https://goo.gl/maps/QCha5zKrpa82).
Identification and cause of loss are unknown so far.


Shot on a Panasonic GH4 + Lumix 7-14mm; Nauticam Housing, 2x Keldan Luna 8 CRI + 2x Ulixes 12K Lumen lights (ulixesonline.com/).

Music track "Guardian Angel" by Oliver Ledbury, licensed via Audio Network


Cover photo by Marco Bartolomucci. You can check his amazing photos from the dive here: https://goo.gl/FgQhwL



#393630 Anilao 4k

Posted by Pajjpen on 21 March 2018 - 08:00 AM

A video I shot during a weeks stay in Anilao. First ever dedicated macro trip.
I very much welcome constructive criticism!

#388631 Alaska-Jellyfish and Salmon sharks

Posted by benedika on 22 October 2017 - 12:56 AM



my video from my recent trip to Alaska. 






#387366 SATURATION - Colorful Marine Creatures from Indonesia & The Philippines

Posted by Nick Hope on 06 September 2017 - 10:40 PM

My new video of small critters from the Lembeh Strait and Anilao.


Filmed with a Panasonic GH4 in a Nauticam NA-GH4 housing with either 2 x Keldan Luna 4X lights or 2 x FIX Neo 1000 DX SW II lights. I used an Olympus M.Zuiko ED 12-50mm f3.5-6.3 EZ lens and a Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 60mm f/2.8 macro lens. On some shots I used a Nauticam Compact Macro Converter CMC-1. Xit404 tripod.


The UHD footage was downsampled to 1920x1080, allowing me to crop and zoom. Only the wonderpus shot was stabilized.


All feedback is welcome. Particularly, are there any weak shots, or uncomfortable edits? I may submit a refined version to a festival or two.


#383389 Anyone happy with their TriPod?

Posted by Nick Hope on 21 April 2017 - 01:13 AM

Could u post a few pics or a little video on how u managed the panning? Would be much appreciated!


Excuse the foot! Also, I do sometimes do a panning shot, controlling the rotation of the housing with my thumbs. But more often than not I'm just panning to position the camera for a static shot.


#383225 Exploring the Salish Sea

Posted by stphnmartin on 16 April 2017 - 06:09 PM

A video compilation of diving the Salish Sea during the winter. I tried labeling the critters for identification purposes. Comments & critiques are welcome.


#357697 Choose your weapon: SLR versus video camera for filmmaking

Posted by SimonSpear on 11 February 2015 - 02:19 AM

Well this was enough to bring me out of hibernation.   


I've got to be honest I'm still scratching my head over what I just read.  The internet polarises opinions for sure, but there are SO many inaccuracies that you have to wonder what purpose there was in writing this?  Is it just an anti DSLR bash or an attempt to justify a "small sensor good, large sensor bad" decision?  Are we talking about underwater filming here, or all filming?

Just a few points:

Audio - apart from a few niche situations who is worried about this for underwater use?  Audio on the newer mirrorless cameras and DSLR's is absolutely fine and certainly comparable to the results you'd get from a camcorder's internal microphone.

DoF - not an issue for WA if you choose the correct lens.  For macro we tend to like the shallower DoF and anyway you'd get a similar effect to this using a video camera with diopters.

Blue Planet - was filmed mostly on 16mm film.


Moire and aliasing - this has NOT become worse on the latest DLSR's, it has virtually disappeared from them.  The first generation were pretty bad at times, but this was never really an issue underwater where you rarely get straight lines or patterns like brickwork or roof tiles.  You did have to be very careful when shooting in a swimming pool though.

Colours - Oh my.  The Canon DSLR's produce the most amazing colours underwater.  Far, far better than ANY video camera I have used before or after.  

Macro vs WA - If you want to do this properly you will always have a dedicated set up for macro and wide angle on a video camera.  If you want to swim around and film what you come across then a video camera offers an advantage.  Also you can get decent range of zoom through with dome ports on most WA DSLR zooms, which is at least comparible to what you'd get from a standard dome port/dome on a video camera housing.  

Documentaries -  Most documentaries these days are filmed with large sensor cameras.  Smaller sensors are now more or less confined to ENG, but even then there are plenty of guys out there using F5's, FS700's, C300's, FS7's for traditional ENG work.

Stability -  Yes DSLR housings are not normally initially well balanced, but this can be resolved very easily by adding buoyancy in the same way you'd add trim weights to a traditional video housing.  The only time you should be getting shaky footage is if you can't hold the camera still and if that is the case then you'll get this regardless of what you are using.


Cost -  There is a big difference in the set up costs for a DSLR vs a comparable quality video camera.  The DLSR can often be 50% cheaper, which is a big decision when negotiating budgets or when it is coming straight out of your own pocket.


Is the article saying that large sensor video cameras are ok, but SLR's with the same size sensor are not, because.......they have a large sensor??  


Is the article really supporting the FS100 as a viable alternative to a DSLR for underwater shooting?  Seriously??? 


I will admit that filming on a DSLR and getting good results is more difficult than filming on a video camera where you can just set everything to auto and press record.  If you tried to do that on a DSLR you'd be wasting your time so you do need to learn how to film with full manual controls to get the best out of them.  I've seen some truly awful underwater footage filmed on a RED, footage that you'd be utterly embarrassed to show others that you'd shot, while on the flip side I've seen jaw droppingly awesome footage shot on a first generation DSLR.   I've seen awful footage shot on a EX1 while on the same dive amazing footage shot on an GoPro1.   


DSLR's and mirrorless cameras have a significant place in the current filmmakers arsenal.  I film on both traditional video cameras and DSLR's and have no bias whatsoever as they both have a role to play.   They are tools to be used as we see fit and we certainly shouldn't be excluding one OR the other.  



#389275 Roatan Honduras with 1dx Mark 2

Posted by Oceanshutter on 10 November 2017 - 06:30 AM

Hi Everyone,


Wanted to share my latest.  This was a trip to Roatan Honduras last week.  Hope you all enjoy!




#388449 Took the GH5 to Komodo

Posted by stphnmartin on 15 October 2017 - 10:13 PM

Back in July I took a trip to Komodo with a virtually brand new GH5 Nauticam setup. I shot either the 8mm Olympus pro fisheye for wide angle and the Olympus 12-50mm for everything else. I recorded 4k60p 8bit and output at 1080p. I like the flexibility of being able to punch into the 4k footage. Although my 10 year old Mac Pro was feeling the pain of the large files. I relied heavily on proxy media when cutting.


I just recently switched to this camera from a Sony CX550 camcorder. So, the techniques and all the buttons were really new to me. I really miss the internal flip macro diopter of the L&M Bluefin housing for the CX550. Reaching around to flip the CMC wet diopter into place around the arms on the GH5 setup is a pain comparatively! I was also outfitted with the SmalllHD 501 in a nauticam housing. This allowed me to see much better what I was filming and I could adjust the angle depending upon the shot. The focus and exposure peaking were very helpful.


The downside of using the external monitor is it kills the camera battery life as having the HDMI cable connected prevents the GH5 from going into sleep mode. As a result I had to swap out camera batteries after each dive. I could get about 3 dives from the SmallHDs two batteries.


I used 2 sola 3000s for lighting and a sola 500 for spot.


On each dive I'd manually white balance for ambient and the solas with a grey card. This worked pretty well and I like I could store the values. Although, I'd sometimes forget which white balance setting I had selected--ambient or solas.


Generally I'm pleased with the results, but learned a lot through making mistakes!


I edited in FCPX. Comments and critiques are very welcome. Oh, and I used a Phantom 4 for the drone footage.


#387111 Panasonic LUMIX GH5 for underwater video

Posted by Davide DB on 30 August 2017 - 09:18 AM

Game over

Professional 400Mbit ALL-I intraframe codec for 10bit 4K 4:2:2
Open Gate High Resolution Anamorphic Mode (4992 x 3744)
Hybrid Log Gamma with view assist feature for HDR shooting
New and improved autofocus engine for video
Performance optimisations and bug fixes


#368418 I need advice about wet lenses for my NA-RX100IV housing. (please advise)

Posted by troporobo on 19 December 2015 - 05:38 AM

Most direct advice I can offer: the sooner you move past wanting to shoot macro + wide angle + video on the same dive with the same rig, the better.   


Yes it is technically possible. No it will not lead to optimal results. Why?  IMO it is more about mindset and technique than equipment.  if you go down wanting to capture everything you come across, your images may be rushed and mediocre.  If you go down configured for a particular scenario, you can make the most of it when you find it and although you will miss some shots you will maximize others. 


I tried it for a long time.  When I finally accepted this advise and concentrated on one thing per dive, my satisfaction with the results went up a lot.

#323193 Favourite Image Of 2012

Posted by Torchuck on 24 December 2012 - 03:40 AM

The two main ideas I exploited this year.
Half-water and long exposure.
Philippines. Balicasag.
Posted Image
Thailnd. Sail Rock.
Posted Image

#400267 Anilao - July 2018

Posted by SWink on 21 October 2018 - 05:23 PM

Some highlights of my trip back to Anilao in July this year.


I have been playing around with sound design lately and I would appreciate your thoughts.


The whole process is quite challenging so any tips or tricks would be most welcome.







#396529 Exploring the Salish Sea

Posted by stphnmartin on 17 June 2018 - 08:49 PM

Put together the better clips from diving the Salish Sea this past winter. Cold water does have some beautiful things to offer! Comments and critiques welcome. Gear list is in the video description.


#394825 Raja Ampat aboard the Blue Manta (GH5/Inspire 2)

Posted by dreifish on 28 April 2018 - 06:37 PM

Raja Ampat season is coming to an end, so here is a short film celebrating some of the things that make it such an amazing place. The visibility may at times be challenging, but the scenery and wildlife is truly spectacular both above and below the waves. 


Altogether, I spent 7 trips in Raja Ampat aboard the Blue Manta liveaboard in 2017/2018. It's incredibly hard to try to condense that into 3 minutes, so my initial version was 6 minutes long. But most people's attention spans being what they are, here is a shorter edit. Hope you enjoy it!




Edit: Here is the 6 minute version as well: 


#392311 It's time to give a big applause...

Posted by SMY on 12 February 2018 - 11:18 AM

I'm now quite some time in this forum and read a lot of helpful threads, get a lot of very helpful answers to all of my (hopefully not too silly) questions and last but not least bought and sold some nice stuff.

In these times we take such a source of help, inspirations and advice as normal, but it's not!

I thought it's now time to give a big applause and say a warm thank you guys to all of you admins, members and everybody who helped me fo far!

Best regards and a lot of fun and sucess with our beautiful hobby or job!


#385588 Ocean Heaven - Socorro Island

Posted by kc_moses on 05 July 2017 - 04:30 AM

Finally finished my most recent project, enjoy!


Underwater Shot is done by Panasonic LX100, top side is combination of GH4, Yi 4K+ and Samsung Galaxy S6.

#384834 World oceans day

Posted by Rafa Herrero on 08 June 2017 - 02:41 AM

Happy world oceans day!  You can see it in 4K :-)