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In Topic: Extending arms or aim strobes outwards?

Today, 05:27 PM

In general you extend the arms as your subject gets further from the camera, one rule of thumb I've seen is the strobe separation = subject to dome distance.  Pointing out can fine tune this.  There's lots of online tutorials on strobe positioning to look at.  I would say minimise backscatter rather than avoid, any particles right next to your subject will also be illuminated for example.  You also want to get the strobes back behind the dome particularly with a fisheye as the lens will be in focus on particles right next to the dome and the is a danger of producing flare.

In Topic: Canon Underwater Haze

Today, 05:16 AM

What software are you editing with, that can make some differences?   Your turtle shot is better than the others you've posted and corrects relatively well in post and you are much closer,  though it is hard to compare with the Sony shot which is quite a bit darker than your exposure, your water looks particularly murky on this one.   I noticed though that if I correct in levels, and this results in your turtle  ending up at similar tonality to the Sony turtle, the water in your (canon) turtle shot is a lot lighter than the water in the Sony shot, which seems unusual.  To me the shots look like the sun is behind you for the Canon turtle and in front of the photographer for the Sony turtle, which can make a difference as well.  Darker water doesn't look so murky.


There definitely is an underlying colour balance issue on the other shots, this turtle shot however does not have the blocked up reds on the LHS like the manta shot so you can so something with it and it looks relatively decent, compared to the manta shots which are way off on colour balance and effectively you can't do a lot with them.   


I don't believe you've posted any shots with the 10-17, how does your water compare on that lens?   That would allow you to rule the lens being an issue in or possibly out.   It would also be helpful to see a full EXIF.  If you change settings on your save for web you should be able to leave the EXIF embedded and I can read it,  Also are you using both lenses in the Nauticam 8.5" Acrylic dome. with the recommended extension for each lens?  Assume the dome is in good shape with dome shade installed.   If you have the chance try shooting a section of reef from the same spot at the same time as one of the Sony's using the same settings, to get an apples/apples comparison.

In Topic: What type of luggage do you use for your camera/gear for overseas travel?

Yesterday, 10:52 PM

I've got something similar an EM-1 MkII setup.  Here's how I pack mine into a think Tank streetwalker hard drive backpack:



Bottom row Nauitcam housing and tray  and spare batteries in plastic clip cases

middle row: macro port 2x INON Z-240, Zen dome 170mm type II

Top row Zen 100mm fisheye dome, Pany 8mm, Oly 60mm, Oly 12-40, Pany 7-14,


13" laptop in laptop compartment below.  This backpack meets carry on requirements and will fit under the seat in front even on commuter jets. 


Cables in pouches on lid of pack, Strobe arms, clamps, torches and tools are packed in with my dive gear or general luggage.  I have a personal item as well usually a small bag which has some toiletries and a zipped pouch with o-rings, spares, o-ring grease, vacuum pumps etc.


The Think tank bag is bulletproof, really well built, much more sturdy than Lowepro packs I've had.

In Topic: Avoiding Damaging Reefs

Yesterday, 10:42 PM

I agree you don't want a PADI cert, it's be another chance to put another dollar in the PADI pot and the only thing you are sure of is to get another cert card to add to your collection.  If you were going to certify it should be possible to do it by demonstration as well and not have to undertake a massive course if you have already mastered these skills as some people obviously have. 

In Topic: New or Old Camera?

Yesterday, 06:16 PM

Doesn't make sense to me it's smaller screen and does not need to be as bright as the LED screen.  I had the EM-5 MkII before and the EM-1 - II is definitely a lot better on battery life.  The other thing the firmware upgrade on the EM-1 II did was improve battery life.  First couple of dives it ran out very quickly then doing the firmware upgrade  I was coming back with 70% charge after 2 dives.  The other trick is turn your on camera flash down to 1/64 power if you are shooting manual.