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UW pictures in Guadeloupe

15 February 2010 - 01:36 PM

Dear All,

I just updated my website with new pictures from Guadeloupe.

I invite you to have a look at them and as usual, all comments are welcome !



Port Cros - France

11 June 2009 - 04:12 AM

Dear All,

I just came back from a very nice diving trip in France.
As it was very nice and as it changes a lot of all destinations we can see on his forum, here are a few comments.
From Brussels, we took our cars and drove about 1200km before arriving at the village called Bormes les mimosas, quite long travel but we arrived after 12h.
It is located in south of France (so Mediterranean Sea) near the Lavandou.
We ended-up in a small 2* hotel (“hotel de la plage”), close to the diving centre (500m). The hotel is small and has no private swimming pool or so, but it has good bed, nice French breakfast buffet and offers evening meals of good quality at a very attractive price. As a group we paid 57€ per night per person (breakfast + evening 3 course meal, wine included).
The diving centre was “aventure bleue” - http://www.aventurebleue.com . Really a great place to be.
The boat is really made for divers. And even with 20 divers on it, you don’t really feel squeezed once on board (a lot better than a zodiac). You have time to get prepared at your convenience. The captain is a member of the national park of Port Cros, so he’s allowed to let you dive in these protected areas. Off course there are some conditions (not touching anything, do not feed the animals, etc…) But this is how all good divers should behave, isn’t it?
We experienced very nice diving conditions, not much wind, no big waves, very good visibility.
We had the chance to meet some big “Mérous” (in French) - Epinephelus marginatus (let me know how you call this in English ). It is protected there and they can reach at least 80cm. By doing this, the French authorities really saved them from a certain extinction.
At that period of time, we had 24°C (on earth) and water temperature was between 14°C and 16°C. I enjoyed my dry suit :-)
If you feel like seeing some UW pictures, feel free to visit my website : http://www.thenrard.net. Any constructive feedback is welcome off course.
If you want some more info, feel free to ask !