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#402724 Do Strobes and Video Lights Negatively Impact Sea Life

Posted by String on 20 January 2019 - 06:59 AM

I think it varies with strobes at least.


From my experience, most marine life seems to see and hate a bright video light in their face.  Pretty much all the subjects i point one at visibly recoil or shy away (i dont do macro though).

With strobes its a little different, im fairly sure some types of marine life cant actually see the flash because its so fast and theres no reaction at all whereas others clearly do and do blink or recoil.


For example Cephalopods such as Octopus and Cuttlefish visibly blink and sometimes recoil when a strobe fires.  Turtles also.

Whereas Triggerfish Lionfish, Parrotfish, Lobster and other reef fish seem to have no reaction what-so-ever.


Edit:- just noticed the year.  I thought this thread was a few months old not a year and a few months!

#402243 What is wrong with my settings (Sony rx100iv )

Posted by String on 06 January 2019 - 05:47 AM

To me it looks like standard TTL failing.


As the ambient is quite bright its not firing the strobe enough to put any sort of light or colour back in.

Its a fairly common failing of TTL - it just tries to get a good exposure.  It has no idea the purpose of underwater is to block out a lot of ambient and overpower it with strobe.


You really need to shoot manual where you can set these things for yourself.  Automatic TTL modes from my experience always underfire the strobe and create washed out images on wide angle like this.

#402226 White balance options for video lights (Wide Angle)

Posted by String on 05 January 2019 - 11:46 PM

Im looking for advice of recommended white balance strategies for filming using video lights.

Im primarily a photographer so have a good grasp of the theory there but obviously video is different (less light, no RAW etc).


I currently have a V6K (12000 lumen) single video light and primarily testing wide angle subjects, diving in the tropics.


What is the best option for getting a sensible white balance with this type of setup?


I did experiment setting the colour temperature of my lights as a white balance but havent found the results there great - far too green and washed out.  Is this simply because the light isnt powerful enough ?


Im getting far better results on auto and the deeper i go, the better it is (i guess due to less ambient light getting in the way,again, is this just a lack of power)?


Is there any merit in trying to take a manual white balance via a grey card or slate with the light on and using that?  Last time i tried that i had some very odd colour shift and results so maybe its my technique?


Im aware for wide angle i really need 2 lights for coverage and 12,000 isn't overly powerful which wont help but basically im looking for advice on the right technique to get a decent white balance on the video.


#402225 Video lights - cheap(ish)?

Posted by String on 05 January 2019 - 11:28 PM

Ive got 1 x V6K (non pro) and have done a few trips with it.  My previous light was a sola 3000 fwiw.


From my initial observations, the light appears solid and well made, battery life is roughly as advertised as is burn time.  

The beam seems even with no obvious hot and cold spots.

From flat the recharge time seems to be 2 hours or so.


I did look at the Pro version but for me the weight was substantially more and i dont need that extra burn time as i can charge inbetween dives and arent using it for long extended periods.  The smaller size and significantly less weight won it for me.


I got mine from Prestiege Scuba (Nauticam Malaysia) in Kuala Lumpur.  Thai import tax and duty for anything electronic is ludicrous so its often cheaper to fly to KL or singapore and buy there.