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Local diving in Maldives in October/November?

25 April 2019 - 09:06 AM

Hi all,


I've looked into Maldives now (or Burma/Mayanmar, but I'll do a separate thread for that) for diving, where a few of us will all go diving together.


I've been to the Maldives twice, but I didn't do any diving until the second go, and that was pretty impressive!


We're looking for:

  • Reasonable accommodation/diving costs
  • Big pelagics if possible (hammers, mantas, whalesharks? ;) )
  • Night diving
  • Local island diving, resorts will push the price up too much for my friends
  • Any macro would be awesome but the focus (pun intended) is wide angle :)

So far I've found:

  • Fulidhoo - seems to be the best choice so far? Unfortunately perhaps not a hotspot for big pelagics, but good night diving with loads of sharks
  • Ukulhas - we may be a bit too early for this, seems December 'tis the season.
  • Maafushi - I can't find much info about this unfortunately, and the videos I've seen have been fairly lacklustre.

I know it's a typical list for a 'low budget' Maldives holiday, but if anyone can help out that would be greatly appreciated.




Best diving between HK *AND* UK? (big pelagics)

02 April 2019 - 04:14 AM

Hi all,


Much to my friend's fault for moving to Hong Kong, we want to try and schedule a trip together in September, or a similar period. We're mostly interested in Big pelagics. 


We've been looking at places between the UK and HK, which are easily accessible from both. I think we're all prepared to do 11-14 hour flights for good diving.


I looked up this article and it seems it's quite easy for us to get to reunion island, but it seems there's very little info about diving in Reunion Island?



Having said that, Azores may also be an option, but I've heard the really amazing stuff in Azores is a pain to get to, and it isn't as easy to see these things as the marketing makes it out to be (i.e. 2 hour boat trips to specific dive sites, and you have to be on the right part of the island etc etc.).


Could you please recommend a place for good pelagics towards the end of the year, somewhere between HK and UK?




FS : Nauticam NA-RX100 ii + Sony RX100 ii with INON wide angle wetlens, INON macro wetl...

29 October 2018 - 01:14 PM

Due to a very unserious buyer, I'm unfortunately putting this back on the market.


Please only contact me if you're serious about buying this unit. Because I'm decluttering a bit, I'll even throw in a free spare housing! I won't be selling this separately as I would much rather sell it as a package. It's priced to go.


Here's what's included:

  • Nauticam NA-RX100ii housing
  • Sony RX100ii
  • 4 x clamps
  • iDas tray TR03 with pistolgrip ball
  • 2x mount screws
  • Inon UWL 100 ultra wideangle wetlens
  • Inon UCL 100  close up wetlens
  • Free Meikon RX100 spare housing


Below are pictures of what's included:


Attached File  post-47388-0-06488900-1524956956.jpg   110.71KB   40 downloads

Attached File  SIN_4155 (Small).jpg   81.11KB   38 downloads

Attached File  SIN_4158 (Small).jpg   82.17KB   37 downloads

Attached File  SIN_4162 (Small).jpg   96.5KB   37 downloads

Attached File  SIN_4163 (Small).jpg   116.68KB   37 downloads

Attached File  SIN_4164 (Small).jpg   87.23KB   37 downloads

Attached File  SIN_4160 (Small).jpg   77.26KB   37 downloads

Attached File  SIN_4161 (Small).jpg   72.47KB   36 downloads

Attached File  post-47388-0-00749100-1524956950.jpg   122.02KB   35 downloads


Attached File  DSC_0020 (Custom).jpeg   42.76KB   32 downloads



Here's the breakdown and price. Shipping is excluded. If you're able to get to the south of the UK, I'm happy to sell it in person :)

Attached File  rx100 sale.xlsx - Excel_2.jpg   51.06KB   35 downloads



P.S. High quality pictures are available, but I'm limited to 1MB in this post.




Has anyone used both Retra Strobe + Retra LSD?

18 October 2018 - 06:16 AM

Has anyone tried the retra strobe and the LSD together? At the moment my setup is a YS-D1 and a 10 bar snoot (without laser) and I'm experiencing the following issues:
  • Focus light is extremely weak. It barely works in the snoot at night time, and I had to use alu foil in the snoot to try and get as much light reflected out as possible
  • Even when the focus light does come out, it is off centre, I guess because the focus light itself it off centre
  • However, once it works, the results are pretty decent...
Now, has anyone used a Retra strobe + the Retra LSD? I'm looking at this combination, as I believe the focus light is centred, and the LSD will lose less light, thereby getting a stronger focus light, and one that will *actually* point at the subject? I'm wondering if the focus light on the retra itself is as strong as the Z330..?

Nikon Mirrorless cameras - Z6 and Z7

23 August 2018 - 05:42 AM

Thank you all for your insights!

I've been going back and forth between D500 and D850 for quite some time so all posts are of interest. Do you think there will be a shift with the release of the mirrorless Z6 and Z7?


Hej Vigfus,


I haven't seen any mention of housing for either of those, but then again this may be in the works. I guess the question you can ask yourself is what shift there was with the Sony A7 series for example, as they're mirrorless full frame as well.


There are full frame adaptors for the new mount with the Z6/7 I believe so you can re-use your old lenses, should they be suitable for underwater.


What I would consider would be:

* Battery life

* Lenses and compatability

* Housing availability

* Size, is it really that much smaller than a crop DSLR? possibly..?

* Heat, this isn't a big issue, but I believe mirrorless can increase fogging somewhat due to the heat they generate from powering the viewfinder/screen - but I guess if you keep your silca packs and your housing clean this isn't such an issue.


I'm sure if you looked at the mirrorless of today vs DLSRs of today, and you have your criteria, you could probably make up your mind now, assuming the Z6 and Z7 doesn't bring anything truly innovative to the table which UW photographers can benefit from.