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In Topic: Maldives Report

18 May 2005 - 08:17 AM

mmmmm .... well agreed on the magic triangle for macro.........

In Topic: Maldives Report

18 May 2005 - 04:50 AM

Basically agreed. If you never have seen a manta / whale shark / reef shark or lots of fish ( more or less the same type on every site ), then this is a great place. I am more of the wierder bunch which is more keen on Macro / wierd / non-conventional subjects.

In Topic: Maldives Report

10 May 2005 - 03:53 AM

Thanks for your kind comments, guess I am a bit of a stickler. I was grappeling with a 16mm lens which has some focus issues ( going to test the 10.5 and see if the results are better). Like I said, I kinda gave up on out of focus pics, and put my efforts in the lighting which I more or less got contol of towards the middle of the trip.

Yes, I saw the Manta's, quite a few in fact ( no real good pics to show for it though ), one whale shark, and some of our team saw hammer heads. In terms of pelagics, there are plenty. But if you compare to a beautiful site such as Sipadan, or the enourmous amount of Macro you get in Lembeh, it cannot compare. I found Maldive dives sites not very "pretty", very little in terms of bommies ( Zero actually ), Staghorn / table corals etc., and most of the fish were the same on evey site. ( large quantities, little diversity )

In Topic: Give me pure Solo Anyday

12 April 2005 - 04:59 AM

well...... I normally clip it at the base before ascent....but I thought there would be no current, and with some time, thought I might clip a few more shots......... nothing could have been father from the truth.......

Oh well, wiser now.....

In Topic: Give me pure Solo Anyday

11 April 2005 - 06:00 PM

Thanks...will add one to my kit ( which is 55kg including camera ). recon will add a quick release clip to it, cause dont like the idea of being held underwater