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In Topic: Which Mirrorless Camera for 4k Video (Macro/Wide)

28 February 2018 - 06:39 PM

I don't have direct experience but I would tend to disagree, the 12mm f1.4 could fill the frame with 170mm long fish, 20 cm from the sensor or right on the dome, it would work for large fish but not so well for smaller ones.  Similarly the 25mm  would fill the frame with a 120mm long fish 25cm from the subject.   I think the 25mm f1.7 would be very close in performance to the Panasonic 30mm macro which would have greater utility with close focus, a review of that lens is here. http://www.reefwreck...lens-underwater     I just bought a port to use with the 30mm so will get to try it out soon. 

That's the reason why I opted for the 25mm instead of the 30mm macro, the 1:1 magnification seems redundant if your working distance to achieve 1:1 is almost zero. 

In Topic: Which Mirrorless Camera for 4k Video (Macro/Wide)

28 February 2018 - 04:48 PM

Fantastic lens, but underwater 25mm is just not wide enough. If you wanna go prime, then the Pana 12mm 1.4 is great. Or for more versatility either a WA Zoom (7-14 or 8-18) or the 12-35, which I like a lot as well.


I intend to purchase the Panasonic 8mm later to use as the wide angle lens. The 7-14 and the 8-18 are not wide enough, I've reviewed a lot of photos and videos and the 8mm looks much better (in my opinion). The intended lens setup eventually is:


Panasonic 8mm
Panasonic 25mm
Olympus 60mm

In Topic: Which Mirrorless Camera for 4k Video (Macro/Wide)

27 February 2018 - 08:32 PM

Op. I saw someone recommend buying from the us but don’t forget to take into account the 30 something % import tax.
As far as cameras goes I have sent u a pm.


The country I am in does not have a 30% import tax. Thanks for the PM I will reply with an answer.



I think the recommendation for either the 30 or 45 macro for super macro is probably a stretch for micro 4/3. Neither plays particularly well with add on diopters; for that the 60 macro is the best thing I think. But only $3K for camera, lenses, housing, ports, and lights is going to be very tough unless you find someone wanting to get a rid of a used system for cheap. I would also probably stay away from the Meikon type housings, not much room for growing that type of system.




I think I am going to adjust my budget to just a camera, housing and ports to stay within the $3k budget with the intention of purchasing a macro/lighting setup later. 

I am considering using a Panasonic 25mm 1.7 as a general fish portrait lens, does anyone have experience/opinions of using this lens?


Thanks for the replies guys your opinions are appreciated.


In Topic: Which Mirrorless Camera for 4k Video (Macro/Wide)

25 February 2018 - 09:36 PM

My understanding is the lens is OK, not stellar, photozone.de has tested it and the60mm.  macro so you can compare qualities.  I not sure what you mean by negates the 5-axis stabilization, my understanding is this works with any lens attached.  I know my Olympus does stabilization with a manual focus lens attached via adapter and allows you to provide the focal length to optimize the stabilizer. 


I was looking into this lens for a friend who was interested in my EM-5II housing, apparently it has some odd features including Nauticam only producing a gear for the special flat port, that allows use of the macro switch and the e-zoom feature.  but I did find and after market zoom gear for it.  My thought was the dome port would allow wide angle shots and they have the 25105 flip diopter for the 36137 port, so the wide angle would be really 24mm equivalent and sharper and you could flip in the diopter for closeups, which would be closer than what the macro switch would provide.  I don't have any experience, but the combination seems like it should be more useful than the flat port. 


If you weren't budget limited I'd be suggesting the 12-40mm Oly with Zen 170mm dome and a macro lens in the dedicated port.  Given your budget it seems like the 12-50 in the semi dome with the flip adapter would be great.  


BTW for some reason the Oly 12-50 is way cheaper is Australia, Digidirect are selling $A257 on their website while BHPhoto are asking $US499.  I had to check 3 times to confirm.....

Sorry you are correct, the 5 axis stabilization does works with any lens however the stabilization is significantly better when used with Panasonic O.I.S. capable lenses in dual I.S. mode especially at higher focal lengths. 


I'm steering away from the Nauticam housing as I can get an Ikelite housing with both a dome and a flat port. The dome for the 12-50mm in wide and the flat port for the 12-50mm in macro and for a future dedicated macro lens. This price setup is cheaper than the Nauticam with the adapter.

You are correct for some reason the Olympus 12-50mm is more expensive on BHPhoto.

Thanks again for all your advice.

In Topic: Which Mirrorless Camera for 4k Video (Macro/Wide)

25 February 2018 - 05:17 PM

Buying is USA with $US makes a difference.  You could get a new Nauticam housing, GX85, Oly 12-50 lens and 4 " semi dome port for around $3K.  The 4" semi dome has an option to add a diopter macro lens.  So you could start off with semi- wide through to macro capable straight away.  If you went macro to start and without wide angle it'd be even cheaper with the M45macro port and Panasonic 30mm f2.8 macro.


Just be aware that the M43 macro lenses are really AF only , the MF option turns so slowly you need multiple turns of the focus ring to even notice a change in focus.  This may be a consideration with video much more so than stills.


The prices for the second hand GH-4s do look good though, often on the high end bodies AF is much better


Thanks! I really like the Olympus 12-50mm lens! How would the quality of the 12-50mm macro (with/without a wet diopter) differ from the quality of a dedicated 45mm or 60mm macro? I would generally avoid the 30mm macro due to the extreme working distances. I saw your post on the issues with the 60mm macro manual focusing (http://wetpixel.com/...showtopic=59644). The only downside to the Olympus 12-50mm is the lack of image stabilization so it negates the excellent 5 axis image stabilization of the GX85. I have a tripod but am not keen to have to use it on every shot above 30mm.