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#318209 Flying Octopuses - comments on the proliferation of these images

Posted by in_minsk_we_trust on 11 October 2012 - 12:18 PM

I just spent a couple of days diving in Tulamben and was horrified by both the guide's and diver's behavior there. Almost all the divers I saw were shooting large DSLR's which made their lack of buoyancy and concern for habitat all the more unforgivable. Almost every photog there would have their fins digging into something behind them, or their knee on something else and both guides and divers were going completely overboard with their pointers. I left feeling a great despair about our community as a whole. It seems to me lately that when you see divers carrying lots of photographic equipment they are probably on their way to break, bother or kill something. It sucks.

#317655 Sue Austin flies her underwater wheelchair

Posted by in_minsk_we_trust on 02 October 2012 - 12:04 PM

Hey guys,

Not sure if anybody has posted this before, but I found it on Vimeo and thought it would be a good share.


From the Vimeo page:

Sue Austin, from Devon, is a disabled artist who aims to change perceptions of the wheelchair. For her, after spending years bedbound, the wheelchair gives her freedom.

She 'flies' a NHS wheelchair underwater. She has adapted the chair with battery powered propellers first developed for the US Navy divers and large perspex aerofoils to control turns. She is in the process of applying for a patent and hopes that one day these chairs will be made available at diving centres across the world.

Shot around Sharm el Sheik, Egypt on a Canon 5D and available in full res HD, 1080p.
Filmed, edited and graded by Norman Lomax of Moving Content.
Original Music by Jack Martin