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In Topic: Good tutorial on UW Color balancing with Premire 2019??

Yesterday, 06:49 AM

I asked a similar question in another forum and the answer was quite helpful:





In Topic: About to buy a Panasonic 8-18 over a 14-42/WWL-1

13 January 2019 - 12:21 AM

Dreifish and Chris: this tread starts to become fun, great information!


I am glad to hear that the WWL-1 IQ (which is regarded to be the golden standard) is similar to the adapted Canon 8-15mm. And yes, one has to insert the Canon (and also Tokina) from the front - I wanted to avoid this from the beginning, but now I got accustomed to it...


I am using the 1.4x converter only with 1x adapter, the 1.4x converter with 0.71x booster yields same AOV's as lens just with 1x adapter - lots of additional glass for nothing that very well may degrade IQ.


As I wrote, I am using mostly with 1x adapter. In my case, the 1.4x converter does not degrade IQ of the Canon (but with Tokina I can see it gets worse on MFT sensor). So far I was using EM5II but recently I got the 20 MP EM1II, first diving with it will be in February in Egypt (the lakes where I live are frozen at present and I am not a big fan of ice-diving...) - maybe with the higher resolution I will see differences . It also, of course, depends on extensions and maybe my eye is not as trained as dreifish's. Anyhow the differences cannot be big the way I use the lens, otherwise I would have noticed...


I would be eager to hear what the range of AOVs is with the WWL-1 and the standard zoom. Here is a table that shows AOVs of Canon and Tokina and the rectilinear 7-14 and 12-40mm lenses (Canon with 1x adapter and occasionally the 1.4x teleconverter covers a broad spectrum):


Attached File  FOV_130119.jpg   72.17KB   3 downloads


By the way: I have files here for 3D printing extension collars for the original Nauticam zoom gear, required that the 1x smart adapter can be used instead of the 0.71x speedbooster. In case someone is interested, I will send them of course. I am just reluctant to post the files here, since the extension for the 1.4x teleconverter is a little bit too long and requires about 2mm abrasion before it can be used. Otherwise these zoomgear-extensions work very well...



In Topic: About to buy a Panasonic 8-18 over a 14-42/WWL-1

12 January 2019 - 04:51 AM

I can add some personal experience here, wonder whether someone could compare WWL-1 to adapted fisheyes:

I am using the Tokina 10-17mm and the Canon 8-15mm fisheyes (both Canon EF mount) with both Nauticam 140mm fisheye dome and the Zen DP170 using Metabones 1x adapter (I also have the 0.71x speedbooster, but the 1x adapter turned out to be more versatile).


Especially the Canon gives excellent results with both domes, so the wrong positioning of the entrance pupil with the DP170 seems (at least) to become compensated by the larger virtual image the DP170 delivers (radius of curvature is 11cm compared to 7cm with the Nauticam 140). The image quality (IQ) of both is comparable to the native Zuiko 8mm fisheye in Zen DP170, that I was using before. IQ of, both Tokina and Canon,  with and without the Kenko 1.4x teleconverter, is substantially better compared to the DP170 with Pana 7-14mm rectilinear WA, what I was using before (but never was using again since I have the Canon). I am pretty shure IQ is much better than any rectilinear WA solution.

I have not tested out WWL-1, but from what I read here, I think it also gives excellent IQ - unfortunately I cannot compare them directly, I could not say whether the adapted fisheyes or the WWL-1 is better. Concerning the "fisheye" effect one must consider that also the WWL-1 delivers some fisheye effect, what I read here. With both Canon and Tokina the fisheye effect becomes smaller with more narrow angles of view (AOV), so the difference between WWL-1 and fisheye at the same AOV may not be so big, if it is even existing...


Concerning Tokina and Canon I was surprised that such a miserable lens as the Tokina performs quite similar to the Canon (only UW; over the water the difference in IQ is hughe). Only when the 1.4x concerter is used, the Tokina produces noticable worse IQ, while the IQ of Canon remains more or less the same high quality, thats why I am using now the Canon and the Tokina I put to classified for sale (but the Tokina has more or less decent performance)...



In Topic: Gh5 for photography

10 January 2019 - 05:35 AM

Hi Iwang0622,


Since you have Nauticam housing, there are many lenses you can use for taking photos with GH5 UW:


See compatibility list for your camera in Nauticam housing with original Nauticam ports:



See compatibilty of your GH5 camera in Nauticam housing with Zen domeports:



All the listed lenses you can use with your GH5, when you acquire the correct ports/extensions...



I only can confirm and substantiate what the others were writing: Zuiko 8mm fisheye and Zuiko 60mm Macro are great expansions of your photografic options. I also recommend not to invest into rectilinear WA lens, as the image quality is never at satisfaction. Macro and fisheye in combination with standard zoom + WWL1 will be a great repertoire...


Regarding the standard focal length range, as Chris was writing, the Zuiko 12-40mm in Zen DP170 is a great combo, substantially better than the standard zoom behind a planport. Of course the widest angle is narrower as you can achieve with dedicated WA lens or even fisheye and the "Macros" can only go down to fish portraits of medium sized fishes (so this is not really Macro) - and you cannot screw on a macro diopter as CMC-1 or the WWL-1 WA port. The combination covers, however, a wide range and the image quality is very good for MFT camera.


See here two examples to see the range this combination covers (Zuiko 12-40mm in Zen DP170; one WA and one fish portrait ("Macro")):

Attached File  Ägypten_04_2018_245-2.jpg   319.07KB   8 downloads

Attached File  Ägypten_04_2018_290-2.jpg   386.68KB   8 downloads


Yours, Wolfgang

In Topic: White balance options for video lights (Wide Angle)

06 January 2019 - 06:24 AM

I am reading here with interest (mainly UW photographer, but interested also in video)...


I could not find out which region of the frame my cameras (Oly EM1II & EM5II) take for coustom WB - entire frame or just the center part (an EMail to Olympus about this remained unanswered so far).


=> In case it would be the entire frame, what I assume, I see problems with coustom WB using a white/grey card (or white fins, what I heared several people are using): Would be impossible to cover the entire frame at the right distance (as far as I understand the problem, the distance between lights/camera and object is crucial for appropriate WB).


=> Currently I am trying to find someone who saws me a white/grey "Bathing Hood"-like structure that I could put over the domeport to make coustom WB. That should serve the same purpose as the expensive special WB domes from Nauticam ( https://www.nauticam...ylic-dome-port;https://www.nauticam...glass-dome-port )...


Interested to hear feedback, or even better, where can one just order a semitransparent white Bathing Hood that would serve this purpose?