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Canon 8-15, 140mm minidome and OMD-EM5II

12 October 2018 - 01:11 AM

I used this combination during my last diving vacation in August/September in Croatia and it will not remain the last time that I used this combination...


Part I.:


Camera: OMD-EM5II, Metabones 1x adapter & Canon 8-15mm fisheye (FE). 2x Sea&Sea Y-DS2.


Housing: NA-EM5II, 34.8mm N85-N120 adapter, 35mm N120 extension and Nauticam 140mm N120 minidome. Zoomgear was from Nauticam, but with additional selfconstructed 3D-printed extension collar (the 34.8mm adapter was built for using the 0.71x Metabones speedbooster that is 5.6mm shorter than the 1x adapter, so the zoomgear requires extension).


Background: The Canon 8-15mm FE provides diagonal angles of view (DAVs) from 170o-85o on MFT sensors (calculated, actual DAVs may be slightly different (e.g. 180o @8mm)). For comparison, the rectilinear Pana 7-14mm provides DAVs from 114o-75o (this used to be my most used WA lens, but is practically unused UW since I have the Canon 8-15mm). The Canon hence covers the range from “real” fisheye (180o) up to the range of extreme WA. In addition, corner sharpness and “rectilinear distortion” at wide angles (e.g. @7mm) at the rim of the image, are expected to be much better with the FE (at comparable DAV).


Sample images (reduced to 250 kB maximum - so real IQ is better):


ISO 1250; @8mm; f: 6.3; 1/25s

Attached File  cave1_#2.jpg   224.01KB   5 downloads



ISO 200; @8mm; f: 11; 1/250s

Attached File  Boot1_#1.jpg   195.03KB   5 downloads


ISO 200; @8mm; f: 9; 1/250s


Attached File  FaBa1_#1.jpg   299.45KB   5 downloads


ISO 200; @8mm; f: 9; 1/250s

Attached File  Diver1_#1.jpg   159.4KB   5 downloads

Tokina 10-17mm with Nauticam Zoomgear

30 September 2018 - 01:05 AM

I do not have use for this lens, but it does not deserve to become a bench keeper (I use now the Canon 8-15mm fisheye)...


Tokina 10-17mm fisheye (AT-X 107 DX; Canon EF mount). New: 510 Euro (asking 250 Euros)

Nauticam TC 1017-Z Zoomgear                                            New: 168 Euro (asking 100 Euros)



sample images of the lens can be seen here: https://www.dpreview.../thread/4299636


package price: 335 Euros

(I include also the white zoomgear extension for MFT shooters (photo): with this extension collar the lens can be used with 1x Metabones adapter in any Nauticam housing for MFT cameras (I used it few times in NA-EM5II as described here: http://wetpixel.com/...560#entry397773))


Payment by direct bank transfer or PayPal. Shipping at the expense of the buyer.


Attached File  _9300044.jpg   477.57KB   16 downloads

Canon 8-15mm and Tokina 10-17mm on OM-D EM5II

25 July 2018 - 10:14 AM

Fisheye lenses available for MFT cameras are 8mm prime lenses (e.g. the Zuiko 8mm Pro FE), have 180o diagonal angle of view and give very good image quality. Upon close approach, however, one may wish to have a zoom lens that allows to reduce the diagonal angle of view and greater object distances. With the  Canon 8-15mm and the Tokina 10-17mm such lenses are available with Canon EF mount that can be used with appropriate adapters on MFT cameras.


First a size comparison of both lenses with the Zuiko 8mm Pro prime fisheye:


Attached File  le.jpg   91.99KB   10 downloads

From left to right: Zuiko 8mm 1.8 Pro fisheye, Tokina 10-17mm 3.5-4.5 with Metabones 0.71x speedbooster and Canon 8-15mm 4.0 with Metabones 1x smart adapter.


It is obvious that the idea of smart little equipment is of course best realized by the native zuiko lens, but on the other hand good quality wideangle ports and wet lenses are also voluminous. In addition an may have the impression that both lenses were designed for use on the MFT 2x crop sensor, the Canon with 1x adapter offering diagonal angles of view between 170o - 85o, starting with a diagonal angle of view similar to the Zuiko at the shortest focal length of 8mm and reaching into the domain of rectilinear WA lenses @15mm (same angle of view as a 12mm rectilinear lens). In comparison with a Full Frame camera, the type of camera the Canon 8-15mm has been designed for, the Zoom allows to switch from circular fisheye to diagonal fisheye, the range inbetween remains practically unusable...


On the last diving vacation in July (9 days in Croatia), I had the chance to test out both Canon and Tokina with the Metabones 1x smart adapter and also with the 0.71x speedbooster. I was using the EM5MII in Nauticam housing, Nauticam n85 to n120 34.7mm port adaptor, Zen DP-170-N120, 30mm (Canon) or 20mm (Tokina) extensions and two Sea&Sea YS-D2 flashes. When using the 1x metabones adapter, I had to use self made extension collars for the original Nauticam zoom gears for both lenses, since the 1x Metabones adapter is 5.625 mm longer than the 0.71x speedbooster. In this case the port extension was also 5.625 mm shorter as the one recommended by Zen for the lenses, but I did not notice a degradation in image quality. Here come some sample fotos of the same object framed at different dives (the fork-beard was so nice to be several times at the same location).



Tokina 10-17mm with 0.71x @ 8mm, f 8, 1/200, ISO200:

Attached File  Tokina_1.jpg   250.77KB   10 downloads


Canon 8-15mm 0.71x @ 11mm, f 8, 1/160, ISO200:

Attached File  Canon_2.jpg   204.88KB   10 downloads


Canon 8-15mm 1x @ 8mm, f 8, 1/200, ISO200:

Attached File  Canon_1.jpg   226.13KB   10 downloads



My first conclusions:


#1.: I like the image quality that exerted on this first trip. Especially at angles of view approaching the rectilinear WA range, corner sharpness is considerably better compared to the Pana 7-14mm in the same dome. In addition I personaly dislike the "corner-distortion" with rectilinear lens, e.g. Pana 7-14mm @7mm ("eggheads" of divers) and prefer the fisheye look.


#2.: Interesting enough the Tokina performed o.k. underwater, completely different to a dissapointing test on the surface, where the image quality was really poor (I was close to give away the Tokina):



#3.: I have the impression that the Canon 8-15mm is a little bit sharper, when watching the images at my screen (but maybe this is homeopathic impression).


#4.: More dives, especially in clearer water, are required to decide whether (i) the Zoom lenses @8mm are as sharp as the Zuiko 8mm prime in the center and (ii) compare the sharpness in the center @ narrower angles with the rectilinear WA, e.g. Pana 7-14mm. I have, however, the impression that the fisheye zoom lenses perform at least as good in the center...


#5.: The only drop of bitterness I can forsee is that the Zuiko 8mm and the Pana 7-14mm (that was so far my prefered WA lens) may well stay unused in the bag in the future...



In the following post I show some other sample images taken with these lenses on the same trip...

Wich zoom fisheye would performs better on MFT?

08 March 2018 - 12:14 AM


I post this question in the DSLR forum, as the lenses adressed are mostly used here...


I consider to use a Canon mount fisheye zoom lens with a MFT housing using Metabones adapter (Oly EM5MII UW (native MFT FE zoom lenses do not exist)) and wonder wich combination may be better:


#1.: Canon 8-15mm FE (FF) with Metabones Canon EF to MFT x1 adapter. Diagonal angle of view (AOV) would be 175-80 degrees then.
=> Optimum AOV, but probably a lot of light is lost as only fraction of image circle used for sensor image (but lens bigger, so supposedly a lot of light there...)?


#2.: Tokina 10-17mm FE (APS-C) with Metabones Canon EF to MFT x0,71 booster. AOV: 180-105 degrees.
=> gain of light (aperture), because of x0,71 booster, but vignetting may be strong as more of the image circle of the lens is projected to sensor (crop 1,42x) compared to APS-C sensor w/o booster (crop 1,53x-1,62x depending on model). Metabones claims that by the use of speedboosters sharpness is even imrpoved (I guess this may be the case for low quality lenses, likely not for high quality ones)...


Grateful for comments.


Canon EF lenses on MFT cameras?

26 February 2018 - 01:33 AM

Nauticam has now a N85-N120 adapter in the program that allows to use the Metabones x0,71 speedbooster (http://www.metabones...MB_SPEF-M43-BT4).





The speedbooster allows to use Canon-EF mount lenses, as the Canon 8-15mm fisheye or the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye, on MFT cameras and with the adapter these lenses can now be used on any Nauticam N85 housing.