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FS: 3 Ikelite Ports

22 September 2011 - 06:43 AM

I'm selling a whole rig, but I may be interested in sell the ports separately but only in a 3 pack combo:

Attached File  ROD_6637.JPG   142.25KB   55 downloads

Dome (didn't find the original box don't remember ike code number)for zoom lens (Shade in this one was modified to eliminate vignetting with sigma 17-70mm):
Attached File  ROD_6638.JPG   140.23KB   51 downloads

Extralong port for super macro 5508 (this one requires a trip to ikelite for inspection because the it wiggles a little in one of the joints)
Attached File  ROD_6642.JPG   137.35KB   49 downloads

Macro flat port 5505.5 for ols version of 105, fits perfectly the newer 60mm model and the old one also
Attached File  ROD_6643.JPG   139.52KB   64 downloads

Asking for 325 + shipping conus (only until 27 this month)

Ikelite D50 rig

19 September 2011 - 01:17 PM

I'm selling an Ikelite Nikon D50 TTL housing with arms and clamps, plus 3 ports (one I used for the old version of the 105mm and the new 60mm), a dome 6" I used for the sigma 17-70mm but can take several zoom lens, and a third port for the 105 plus teleconverters and diopters.

Everything is pristine condition, no scratches or marks. I upgraded a couple of years ago and this rig is taking dust and space.

Asking for 900.

Caves in Dominican Republic

18 May 2011 - 01:16 PM

Here are some pics of cavern dive in Dominican Republic from last month. Thanks to Jose Alejandro (elbuzo) who help me organize this dives sitting there with me and a couple of his friends over a cold one :) in Santo Domingo. Diving in DR is not easy to plan, but this guy knows the place very well. Kudos.

Attached File  ROD_5286.JPG   80.91KB   46 downloads

Attached File  ROD_5284.JPG   71.72KB   47 downloads

Attached File  ROD_5242.JPG   81.65KB   54 downloads

Attached File  ROD_5227.JPG   86.17KB   45 downloads

Attached File  ROD_5254.JPG   50.94KB   46 downloads

Dominican Republic and Humpbacks

04 February 2011 - 06:38 AM

Hi, I´m traveling to Dominican Republic for the third time, and this one I have a couple of days to dive. For what I´ve been reading Humpbacks are long gone by April 9 which is my date around DR. Are they really gone gone??? there is no chance at all to catch some of them?? the slow / lazy ones?? the losers that couldn´t get laid??

If Humpbacks are a no go... where can I dive at least for 3 days? I´m get out of my leash on friday 8. I´ll be in Sto. Domingo until that day, then I can travel to Samana or any other point, preferably over night in order to save time and dive from 9 thru 11 since I´ll be returning on the 12.

Camera gear is limited also.. so if possible I like dives to be for WA pics. Whales, Wrecks, Caverns, Sharks, etc I like to do something differente than caribbean reef...

Money is no flowing like a river, so I can eat "mangú" all day long in order to dive!

Let me know!

More Cenotes...

26 November 2010 - 07:36 AM

Feedback will be appreciated !

Attached File  ROD_4137.JPG   65.19KB   69 downloads

Attached File  ROD_4068.JPG   112.94KB   61 downloads

Attached File  ROD_4052.JPG   68.42KB   61 downloads

Attached File  ROD_4150.JPG   84.65KB   65 downloads

Attached File  ROD_4204.JPG   63.84KB   67 downloads