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Nikon D850 in Nauticam Housing flash sync speed

Nikon D850 Nauticam Flash Sync Speed Subtronic Pro160 Sea&Sea YS-D1

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#1 miguelpereira



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Posted 14 January 2019 - 09:48 AM



I have been using my Subtronic PRO160 strobes (optic fiber) and Sea&Sea YS-D1 with a Nikon D800 successfully up to shutter speeds of 1/320 (always with optic fiber using a manual led trigger that I installed in a Nauticam Housing, with camera flash sync speed set to 1/320 auto-fp).


I've upgraded my camera to a Nikon D850 in a Nauticam housing with Nauticam's manual led trigger installed as default. Yesterday I've tried my Subtronic's PRO160 UW for the first and they only were able to successfully light each photo if I used shutter speeds below 1/60 (the camera configured slower speed to use with flash in A & P modes). I was shooting in manual mode as ever, flash sync speed set to 1/250*(auto fp) (also tried setting it to 1/250 but no luck). When I used shutter speeds above 1/60 the bottom of the photos became unevenly illuminated or even black (depending on aperture, ISO and strobe power). Strobes are configured to fire with only one pulse from the trigger (as I always use).


Later, at home, I've tested the strobes again and oddly they function normally until 1/200 (but at 1/250 they show the black bar at the bottom of the picture). I also tried my Sea&Sea YS-D1 and they also work normally just until 1/200 (they could have had low batteries so I will repeat the tests, but the Subtronics had full battery in the beginning of the dive).


Anyone has any idea why this strange behavior? Why did they only work until 1/60 underwater? What changes to make them able to work at 1/200 at the surface? Why do they not work at the surface at 1/250 at least? I've tried everything I could remember (Camera in Single shot mode, M mode, EFCS off or on, no shutter delay activated, several combinations of aperture and ISO...).


The only thing that I've changed besides the new camera, housing and new led trigger is the fiber optic cables: i used to use a 3mm optic fiber cable custom made by me (which I didn´t like because they were always failing) and now I use Nauticam standard cables (they didn't work at all with my other led trigger and the Subtronics, although they always worked with the Sea&Sea and also some INON's Z240 that I don't have anymore - all the way up to 1/320 with the D800).


Any help would be appreciated: you never know when you will be busy fiddling with your camera UW and that great white will finally appear and gracefully swim by your side,, :-) 





#2 miguelpereira



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Posted 14 January 2019 - 01:37 PM

So I've made a few more tests at home and I'm even more confused. The Sea&Sea YS-D1's really top out at 1/200. I've also tried my old 3mm optic fiber cables (they are just transparent optic fiber cable with one nauticam conector at one end and a sea&sea conector at the other end) with the subtronics pro160 and they only work until 1/60. At 1/80 and above the strobes have no effect whatsoever! I've also troed to configure the subtronics to ignore preflashes but it only makes the strobes to fire once in every two or three shots (depending if I set to one or two preflashes). I ran out of ideas..

#3 Pavel Kolpakov

Pavel Kolpakov

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Posted 15 January 2019 - 03:40 AM

A week ago at our office i tested D850 camera with the housing and DS-160 strobes, using TTL-Converter installed in the housing. That system had not original Manual trigger, but TTL-Converter pre-installed by dealer. So, this is not exactly your setup, but anyway ....

    I set normal sync speeds up to 1/250 (in TTL mode) by D850 menu, - lighting worked fine.  I also tried to set FP command by menu, to switch TTL-Converter to M mode as usual for such TTL-Converter, - everything worked fine. I did not see any difference in system work, comparing to other Nikon cameras.

     I think, it is possible to find the reason the problems regarding sync speed, if evaluate your concrete setup. Maybe the reason is self-made optical cable, maybe manual trigger, maybe camera settings , etc.  I can help. We can discuss the system in messenger, if you want.

#4 miguelpereira



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Posted 15 January 2019 - 07:12 AM

Thanks Pavel. PM sent.

#5 JackConnick



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Posted 16 January 2019 - 09:08 AM

You may have to configure the LED trigger board to work with your strobes. Setting may not be compatible with two different strobes. I've gotten D1 strobes to work with the LED trigger board to1/320th sec in manual. TTL is about 1/250th max. And that's not always consistent.



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