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In Topic: On1, alternative to Lightroom?

03 June 2018 - 08:45 PM

For your D500, just convert your NEF files to DNG using the free Adobe DNG converter. Then import as usual into Lightroom 6.

In Topic: O-ring maintenence

28 February 2018 - 10:55 AM

Here's a tip. Get some food grade silicon spray. Take a small bottle (dollar store travel spray bottle). Take a couple of J-cloths or other lint free cloths and some cotton swabs. I am one for cleaning my housing main o-ring when I open it, which is usually once at the end of the day. Grease attracts dirt. I am often shocked at how much junk can collect on the oring and groove, but I do a lot of muck diving. Always dampen the cotton swab with the silicon spray, so as not to leave any fibers behind. I do the same with the port oring and extensions, if I am changing lenses. If not, I'll clean it once or twice in a trip.

In Topic: Canon G15 + Fantasea housing + extras

06 February 2018 - 02:11 PM


In Topic: WTB Aquatica vacuum system

19 January 2018 - 11:58 AM

You can also buy the setup at B&H photo. You need a different moisture alarm than the original; the old one does not have the vacuum sensor.



Here is the pump and valve


In Topic: Canon G15 + Fantasea housing + extras

18 January 2018 - 04:42 PM

Price drop $500USD, plus shipping. North America only.