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Help needed...Wetpixel dev (paying job!)

15 April 2019 - 11:53 PM

Hi all,


I am looking for a member of our community that can help me develop and update the site infrastructure. This will be a paying job.


The individual will need to be familiar at code level with Invision IP board and Expression Engine.


If you can do it, please drop me a PM!


All the best





Wetpixel Cave Photography Workshop

16 March 2019 - 02:04 PM

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Join WetpixelTom St George and Under the Jungle from 11 to 18 July 2020 for a unique opportunity to capture amazing images in Mexico's fantastic caves and cenotes. We are running a 6-day intensive workshop, with the aim of capturing some memorable images.

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These caves offer an ideal environment to capture stunning images, with a wide variety of options to allow for people with different experience and qualifications. We will be working in very small groups to ensure that everyone gets to maximize imaging opportunities.

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Full details are on the trip's page: http://wetpixel.com/i.php/caves20/ or you can PM/email Adam.

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Nikon Z series lens road map

12 January 2019 - 10:52 AM

Hi all,


Nikon released their updated roadmap for lens development with their Z series mirrorless full frame camera at the CES show.


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Sadly, there are no (announced) plans for either macro or fisheye lenses in the next 3 years. Of course, existing F mount lenses can be used with the FTZ lens adapter. It is hard to know how or if this will affect IQ or performance.



RIP Dean Burman

05 January 2019 - 02:07 PM

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Dear Wetpixel community,


It is with tremendous sadness that I share the news that Wetpixel member and contributor Dean Burman (DeanB) suddenly passed away on New Year's day. Dean was a filmmaker, with numerous film credits including a film featuring some amazing behavior footage of pike in an award-winning short film called "Lair of the Water Wolf." His input into the Wetpixel forums was immense, with over 3,000 posts and he was always prepared to offer support, encouragement, and advice both on and offline. It is true to say that he was often the life and soul of the party but he was also a thinker, deeply concerned about the plight of our natural world and issues of social justice.

I remember many wonderful interactions with Dean over the years. He had the enviable attribute of being able to make serious points while keeping the conversation light-hearted. During one conversation, we were moaning about equipment issues but his sense of humor meant that we both ended up in fits of laughter! 


Dean is survived by his daughter and parents and our hearts go out to them along with his many other friends at what must be a devastating time. 


Please feel free to share thoughts, memories, and images of Dean in this thread.


Go well, Dean...

Happy New Year 2019

01 January 2019 - 12:10 AM

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As the Gregorian calendar ushers in a new year around the globe, we wish the Wetpixel community the very best of years in 2019. We hope that it will be a year filled with creativity and unique experiences, along with much joy. May your celebrations be enjoyable and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible underwater in the coming year!