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Advice needed: A6500 vs D750

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#1 khoodennis15


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Posted 17 August 2018 - 05:37 PM



Currently I'm shooting with a Canon G7X MkII with 2x YS-D2. Looking forward to upgrade it.

Sony A6500 is my pick but I was highly advice to get Nikon D750.
I'm seeking advice on these 2 or wait till Nikon new Z mirrorless(2.4MP)

The mentioned surely are based on budget as well...
Looking for a used set up. On this part, Nikon got higher chances of getting used items. 

The big question is the performance & weight. If the D750 is a good investment then surely I'll pick that one. 

I've been asking around & was mostly replied with "Why a mirrorless?". Don't just go halfway, get something that does the job...
Pls help out on this one... A6500 vs D750


Also pls advice on lens to go with both cameras. All Sony lens cost a boom, that's the biggest downside.
Sony 90mm macro is really good but really worth it pairing with a A6500?

Thanking all in advance

#2 Barmaglot


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Posted 17 August 2018 - 11:21 PM

While Sony lenses are somewhat expensive, D750 will require a significantly more expensive housing, so it kind of evens out. DSLR housings also tend to be much more bulky than MILC. Compare Nauticam NA-A6500 vs NA-D750.


A6500 has been on the market for a while now, so used options aren't hard to come buy. Same for A6300, which is almost identical - differences are in-body image stabilization (useful with legacy non-stabilized lenses, but you're unlikely to be using these underwater), touchscreen (inaccessible in a housing) and an extra custom button. A6700 is rumored to come out soon, which should depress used A6300/A6500 prices further.


If you're looking at budget options rather than premium housings, Meikon makes a very good and affordable housing for A6xxx series - interchangeable ports, vacuum pump, etc. On the other hand, Sony has well documented issues with white balance (if you're shooting video) and battery life is, at best, adequate.

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#3 ChrisRoss


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Posted 20 August 2018 - 06:16 AM

What are you trying to achieve with your upgrade? If you are going to spend the $$ on a full frame, housings are expensive and if you are doing wide angle (non fisheye) the required large domes add $$ and size to your rig. I say required because if your spending the $$ to get the image quality the large domes is needed to avoid losing it again on the edges . Also consider that dome size is related to sensor size. For a micro 43 system, a 14mm equivalent WA lens uses a 180mm dome, on a full frame you are looking at a 230mm dome. The size difference and weight difference and cost is significant.

If you are going used then a bit of flexibility in camera model will help. Look into lens availability as well, that is probably the Achilles heel of the Sony along with battery life compared to a DSLR.

If you are looking at the A6500 why not also look at a D500 (effectively the same sensor) or other APS-C Nikon or Canon for that matter.

#4 trimix125


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Posted 20 August 2018 - 11:01 AM

if possible i would try to rent a full frame equipment or simply housing and strobes to get a feeling what you think to buy....
Was using a D300 then changed to a Oly OMD5 mk I and now again a D500 setup.
The difference is price, weight and handling!
With a dslr rig, you need a lot more power, even without current.

What pics are you taking most?
Macro, then take a DX, better mirrorless.
Wide angle, Fx has some Advantage. But think about all cost factors...

And will you travel a lot with planes? Dslr will make your life harder...

An Investment in a good lens will pay out longer than in a good body ;-))


#5 dbol87



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Posted 12 September 2018 - 03:42 PM



I Can't speak to the 90mm on the a6500 itself, as I shoot an a7RII but my copy of the macro lens is a really sharp, and compares pretty favorably to my view camera w/MF digital back and Schneider lenses on dry land. In terms of handling, Its sticks out pretty long on my Ikelite housing, but nothing unwieldy and does get my housing farther from the subject. I got mine used for mid $700's so if you shop around so you can stay within reason but Sony lenses aren't cheap by any stretch. 


One word of warning though--Sony menu systems make no sense. Once you learn how they work you'll be fine, and I really like my camera as its pretty customizeable, but I did have a recent moment where I forgot to turn off exposure preview and spent 5 minutes of a dive trying to remember how to find it. I've heard they've gotten better with the more recent cameras, but definitely food for thought.