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In Topic: My New G11 Rig - But I have a Problem..!

28 December 2009 - 05:10 AM

Hi all, Hope everyone had a good xmas? I have just put my new G11 rig together (picture below) but ive got a problem. I used to attach the optical cable for my Z240 to the diffuser for the housing using one of the Inon Cap Set's that just hooked over the top. Now ive got one of the Fantasea BigEye lense's I cant use the supplied housing diffuser. I now need a new way to attach my optical cable in place in front of the flash on the housing. I dont want to attach it to the lense as I will need to remove it for Macro shots. If anyone has any suggestions this would be great, ive seen that Sea & Sea do a mask set but its 50 which seems excessive to me and from looking at what it comes with is slight over kill. I also think at some point im going to need to get another strobe arm as currently have just 1 8inch. Posted Image Many thanks,

With the new S2000 strobe from Inon, you get an extra bit (I'm sure it has a technical name too), which allows the strobe to fire from the flash without the need for a fibre optic cable. A friend of ours who has the Z240 was convinced that this would work with his strobe as well. It may be worth checking out as it would mean that you would not need to attach anything to your housing. Hopefully someone else can come up with the technical name for the bit. I'm going to call it a sensor for now.
The one downside we have found with this sensor is that it is too sensitive and keeps firing when other people's flashes go off too, even pointing it at the sun on the surface can set it off, which we are worried will reduce the strobes lifetime through lots of needless flashes. Otherwise it sems to work great though.
Hope that's helpful.

In Topic: Inon Z240: Strobe bulb replacement

23 October 2009 - 03:28 AM

I have a similar problem. My D2000 is not firing. The fibre optic is not the problem. The focus light works and momentarily disappears when my camera flash fires, but the strobe does not fire. The difference is that there is no visible sign of a bulb blowing.

It worked on my test shot, but underwater it let me down. I use eneloop batteries, as recommended (and have done for a long time) and the strobe has made maybe a few hundred dives.

So there's the facts. My question is....

Does anyone know if there is another possible explanation for this scenario and what the expected life of these strobe bulbs may be?



In Topic: In the market for a new Macbook Pro

12 October 2009 - 04:42 PM

I recently bought pretty much the exact spec you are going for - 15" Macbook Pro, 4gb Ram 2.4Ghz and I'm very happy with it. I bought a slightly older model second hand though as I also like to do video and the newer models don't have a Firewire 400 socket.

In Topic: Stupid me. Ikelite flat port well and truly stuck.

12 October 2009 - 03:19 AM

Flexible rubber ended oil filter strap wrench. Available at any auto parts store.......

When you re-install the port don't just grease the o-ring but put a dab on the plastic threads too.

Will come part easier next tie you feel the urge to clean it :P

Good luck!


Top stuff. Thanks Dhaas. Now all I have do do is work out how to say 'Flexible rubber ended oil filter strap wrench' in Thai! That should keep me occupied for a while...