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In Topic: Monitor Calibration for new iMac Pro

24 January 2018 - 06:36 AM

Thanks Chris! Ill look into the option of using more color patches, right now I think its sampling around 143? give or take...

Yes, I too had (have) one of those Apple Cinema matte LCD screens. Not the 30 but smaller. Early in it developed a permanent pink cast which was a problem in many of those monitors. That along with dead pixels relegated it to be only my 2nd monitor in 2012. I used it next to the Apple LED Cinema I use now as my 2nd monitor. Yes, the matte is better sometimes. For me it was not. Surprisingly fior me, even though I didnt really like the glossy display, I found it was more accurate as far as judging brightness and saturation goes. I was always just a bit too saturated with the matte Cinema. With the glossy display I was able to judge editing better and my Epson prints and online prints were more accurate than with the matte Cinema Display. Of course that surprised me but possibly my matte LCD Cinema was always a little defective despite Xrite calibration?
So for the time being its working out, especially with the i1Studio calibration. I too dont like the glossy displays always but the iMacPro screen seems less overpowering to me? I suppose an Ezio monitor might be better but with newer Mac OSs getting so persnickety I feel more comfortable with Apple displays for now. There is that LaCie display Aople got them to make but I dont want to sink $$$$ into another 4/5k monitor now until scaling and viewing options get more standard and easier to read and view across the board.

Thanks Chris! Good luck with your 30 Cinema. These were impressive monitors! Carol

In Topic: Monitor Calibration for new iMac Pro

22 January 2018 - 04:44 PM

Success! Screens look amazing! And no extra money spent! Wow!!!

All, Xrite is a great company! Instead of telling me to buy a new device they sent me a link to new software for a related device that still works with my existing device & is better in High Sierra. My iMac Pro screen looks amazing! And the older Apple LED Cinema looks so much better! Im sold on Xrite! Heres a portion of their response:

Case Subject: Product Support

Dear Carol,

In an effort to resolve your support Case, the following comment has been added. Please review this comment, and respond as indicated.

Comment: Your Color Munki Photo should work fine with your new computer. I am however going to have you install our i1 Studio software which works much better with High Sierra versus the Color Munki Photo software. I will also include the link for our training videos for this software.

In Topic: Monitor Calibration for new iMac Pro

20 January 2018 - 07:16 AM

Jason Bradley shared link about the differences in Xrites ColorMunki Display and i1Display Pro. Informative. The i1Display is tempting & the video presets may be useful but the more complex software may not perform well on High Sierra. Ill wait fior Xrites answer.
My ColorMunki Photo that I purchased in 2008 may have worn out. It used to work amazingly well but its 10 years old now, likely needs replacement.

... Here's a blog post that goes into more detail....

In Topic: Monitor Calibration for new iMac Pro

19 January 2018 - 06:06 PM

Thanks Tom! Ill read the data in the links. Probably tomorrow after sleep 🙂
Additional info via Facebook: Jason Bradley suggested I update my ColorMunki Photo to ColorMunki Display. Ive also got an inquiry in to Xrite regarding compatibility with High Sierra and if ColorMunki Display or i1DisplayPro is more compatible. Ill post answers.
Thanks for any info ! Carol