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Monitor Calibration for new iMac Pro

19 January 2018 - 02:50 PM

Advice needed on best monitor calibration for new iMac Pro. Ive read the display looks very good to a few video professionals with the default Apple calibration. I am suspect of this advice, but it does look pretty good and when next to my old Apple LED Cinema Display (which is calibrated with Xrite ColorMunki) it reveals a strong cyan cast on the LED Display (with medium gray backgrounds on both). Im afraid to calibrate the iMac Pro with the Xrite ColorMunki because I think it would make it less accurate. Possibly the ColorMunki is old? Its updated, but does it even work?

Setup is iMac Pro (5k Retina) & 2nd monitor is my old LED Cinema Display. I dont want to buy a 2nd 4/5K monitor right now as Im unhappy with some scaling (Adobe, etc.) on the high resolution displays. Plus Im out of $$ (as you could understand).

Any current monitor calibration advice? Thanks, Carol