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#232999 inon z240 pdf manual(type 4)

Posted by 01sugar2 on 30 November 2009 - 09:42 PM in Lights, Strobes, and Lighting Technique

Two main manuals came with the strobe; It came in a day early! Both for the Z240 Type4 model, and both even have my exact serial # stamped on the back of each book. Anyhow, one manual is for the Basic Operation labeled as Optical Connection "S-TTL" Simple Shooting and the other is the Advanced Operation optical connection (advanced), electrical connection. The Basic manual is 55 pages and the Advanced is 83. I may have to copy them one manual at a time, but I can get you a copy of them in PDF if you would like. PM me your email addy and I'll see if I can't get that off to you tomorrow sometime. :wacko:


#232778 inon z240 pdf manual(type 4)

Posted by 01sugar2 on 28 November 2009 - 12:46 PM in Lights, Strobes, and Lighting Technique

My Type 4 Z240 will be in my hands on Dec. 1st, and I ordered it from Reef Photo in Fort Lauderdale. I was on vacation last week and visiting in Reef's area, so I decided to pay them a visit. Richard took one look at my setup and brought out a sync cable and strobe that matched my bulkheads. To save on the sales tax, I had it all shipped back home, which is why I don't have it yet. HOWEVER, they are one of only a few distributors of Inon strobes in the USA. If they know what housing you're going to have, I'm pretty sure that they can give you a yea or nay fairly quickly on the Z240. As for the PDF, if needed, I should be able to produce a PDF manual once my paper version comes in if one can't be located between now and mid next week.


#232696 inon z240 pdf manual(type 4)

Posted by 01sugar2 on 27 November 2009 - 05:09 PM in Lights, Strobes, and Lighting Technique


That's the fastest reply that I can provide. My battery is about to die and I'm currently on board a plane with "not the fastest in the world" WiFi access. ;) I hope this helps at least some!


#232681 Strobe Recommendations

Posted by 01sugar2 on 27 November 2009 - 01:25 PM in Beginner Forum

I know that this is an old thread now, but I stopped by Reef Photo on Tuesday of this week and picked up a new Inon Z240 strobe. Richard was extremely helpful! The strobe I purchased was the newer Type 4 model, and everything will be covered under warranty through Reef Photo. I second the motion that Ellen made to give these people a call when you need some assistance, especially with questions in regard to Inon. ;) Thanks, Reef!


#202252 SOLD - Aquatica A20 and Canon 20D Body

Posted by 01sugar2 on 22 February 2009 - 01:21 PM in Classifieds

Which strobe cables are needed to make this housing sync with strobes? I have a friend with my dive club that'd probably be very interested... thanks!


#195083 Any Particular Regulator of Choice?

Posted by 01sugar2 on 23 December 2008 - 04:34 PM in Photography Gear and Technique

I currently have a Scubapro X650/Mk17 reg setup that I really enjoy as it breathes extremely well for me. I like the looks of the Kronos, and in my area the little bit of environmental sealing that a diaphragm first stage offers over the piston designs can be kind of nice. I suppose the bubble concern however is a lot more valid with a P&S that only has a live view display option over a viewfinder (such as with my S&S 860G camera). Anyhow, I plan to practice in a pool quite a bit with the new rig so that I get used to using the controls u/w as I won't be hitting a reef anytime soon (it'll be March).

Looking at the demo that Alex did in the Magic Filter video, I can see where not having an extended viewfinder and or an elongated side exhausted 2nd stage regulator had almost no bearing on his shooting. I know it's not the same comparing him to myself, but it seems that what both Steve and I stated above was true in that my anxiety to get in the water might have caused me to over analyze what will be needed to start shooting. I do like the idea of an extended viewfinder though, and that very well could be my next purchase following a strobe setup.

Scorpio Fish, I'm sure we'll meet up one of these days as I am in the DFW area myself. David and Lilly Prichard are two of my good friends, and I've recently moved from diving at Blue Dolphin Scuba in Frisco over to Island Divers in Denton with Lee Gano. David, Lilly and Lee have all said some very nice things about the DUPS members, and being involved with the industry yourself, I'm sure you know these 3 people very well. If you attend the meetings regularly, I'm sure I'll see you in Jan.

Thanks for the kind replies everyone! Obviously I've got a lot to learn, but I'm here for the long haul so I'm sure you'll be seeing a bit more of me on this message board.

#194871 Any Particular Regulator of Choice?

Posted by 01sugar2 on 21 December 2008 - 09:33 PM in Photography Gear and Technique

Toying with a hard decision a few weeks ago, I decided to take the cheapest path and purchased a used (2 dives only I'm told) Aquatica 30D housing for my camera. I was REALLY looking to upgrade dSLR bodies, but instead found it cheaper to get a nice (and the housing is indeed in mint shape) housing for my current body instead; thank you ebay. It seems that the PADI/SSI instructor that owned the housing is having a hard time making it in Florida with the way the economy is, and I can say that I feel his pain; A month and a half ago, my local dive shop closed up leaving me as a Divemaster with no job. To say the least, diving is a late night and weekend gig and my main job is what holds everything together. In saying that, I feel for everyone involved in this industry right now!

Anyhow, the lack of assisting with classes as a DM has freed up a lot of time for me to do things on my own. I knew I wanted to upgrade from a P&S for u/w usage to a dSLR, but that time frame got bumped up considerably when I ran across an Aquatica setup for a price that I couldn't refuse. In saying that, the 30D doesn't have a live view option (for those of you who don't know), and I'm now faced with the "bubbles in your face" concern for u/w shooting. Both my previous and now even my current dive shop are Aqualung suppliers, and I'm a big fan of the diaphragm first stage setups over the piston designs. The Kronos seems to be nice and it looks to have the distance-pushing side exhaust that I'm probably looking for. As a DM I'm pretty good with my air and know that bubbles tend to make things disappear at times, but with the viewfinder already limited by the mask and regular setup as it is, I'm thinking that it's not to my best advantage to use a 2nd stage that exhausts bubbles (possibly) right by my already limited view of the subject.

Maybe I'm trying to over analyze the thought, and maybe it's just me wanting to try something new out (or it could be both at this point). I was wondering if anyone out here in the photography world used a 2nd stage regulator like the Aqualung Kronos, and if so, how do you like it? I've spoken with a few that have it locally and they really like the regulator, but none of them are doing any kind of photography, let alone with an SLR. I realize this subject is more so gear related than photography, but all of the relevance behind it is photography minded. I'd simply like to have some input on your thoughts as to a good regulator and or a design to dive with while shooting. My housing came in the mail on Friday, and I probably won't have the chance to play in the water with the camera setup till about mid week at our City's indoor pool. With that being said, I don't really know what to expect and would like some input on the subject. Thanks!


#194851 Headed to St. Thomas; First shoot with new S&S housing...

Posted by 01sugar2 on 21 December 2008 - 03:05 PM in Beginner Forum

My current dive shop owner just closed up our dive shop (so maybe not so current I suppose) and moved to St. John to teach diving down there. It may be possible to take a few days and actually get certified down there with him, but I have no idea of your schedule. I was one of Michael's most utilized divemasters at our shop, and I can assure you he's an amazing (PADI) instructor.

The only name of a spot that I recall doing any snorkeling was Trunk Bay. Trunk Bay is rated (as the locals will tell you anyhow) as one of the top 10 beaches in the world; it's very beautiful. As for other snorkeling locations however, I don't recall their names really and for that, I am sorry. The sites that I visited weren't far from Trunk Bay however, and some of my best underwater film photos came from St. John. There's a lot of really neat history in St. Thomas and St. John that I'm sure you'll pick up on as well, again, from the local people on the island(s). They were used during a lot of the pirate days for rum running, trading and fighting. About 4 years ago, PADI's Sport Diver publication had a great several page article on dozens of ship wrecks out there between St. Thomas and St. John. In my opinion, you won't go wrong diving and or snorkeling. With a camera setup like yours, you deserve to have it in the water. :lol: Splash with confidence my friend and enjoy your stay on the islands!


#193220 Headed to St. Thomas; First shoot with new S&S housing...

Posted by 01sugar2 on 07 December 2008 - 10:01 AM in Beginner Forum

Most of the great snorkeling I have done in the past was off of St. John. St. John is almost within a rocks-throw of St. Thomas, and it's a very easy island to get to. The shallower the reef is, the closer you'll be to it and as long as you're careful with your rig you'll be just fine. U/W photography is a learning curve, but it's a wonderful experience and is one that I know you'll enjoy. Have fun in St. Thomas!