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In Topic: Skullduggery in the Wildlife Photographer Comp

25 January 2010 - 03:19 PM

ROFLMAO Yes! All staged and try to make it look natural and spontaneous. Actually, a lot of hard work requiring a lot of talent, and lot of once-in-a-lifetime moments pressure to deliver.

I just question the obvious in the wolf picture. Why would a "wild" wolf take the risk of high-jumping a fence, when he can just walk/crawl through it? What was his motivation?..... (I know.. I'm method-acting here in Hollyweird)


Agree 100%, why indeed? It is a waste of energy compared to going through or climbing the low wall. When they announced the winner's, my companion immediately said it was staged. I was a bit more reserved but I never saw wolves doing this when I was young and lived in the countryside [there were wolves then] and there were plenty of gates and sheep too.
What I find amazing is that it was the Finnish nature magazine that raised the issue, all those professionals and wildlife photographers in the competition jury [who apparently spend most of their days shooting in the wild] had no problem in nominating the picture overall winner!
Wildlife photo competitions should have an expert on species behaviour to ascertain that this and that behaviour are normal and not provoked or induced.

But in the end it was they did the right thing, loss of credibility is far worse than some bad [but deserved] publicity.

In Topic: Earth Touch sardine baitball clip

02 September 2009 - 04:22 AM

Barry Skinstad and his crew got into possibly the best baitball action I've ever seen, from almost every standpoint from small to big predators.
I can't say much more than that!


...you mean the footage is not yours!? :wacko:

In Topic: Salt water crocodile attack at Blue Water Mangroves

29 April 2009 - 12:23 PM

I echo what was written by others in this thread, leave the croc alone. He belongs where he is, we are just trespassing.
Please do not try to sanitize and make everything risk free.
Anyone who wants to dive the mangroves should be made aware that there is an added risk involved, for those who are willing to live with it fine, those who don't should skip those dives. I don't agree with making the area off-limits nor to remove the croc to make it safe.
Thousands of people die or get mangled every year in car accidents and I do not seen anyone proposing to ban cars altogether, let's put things in perspective.
I wish the unfortunate diver (and the croc too) a speedy recovery from the incident.