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In Topic: Is 3D in decline before it even takes off on broadcast TV?

13 February 2013 - 01:06 PM

I've been doing terrestrial 3D videography for a bit, but am finding the investment not paying off. Bought two HD cameras and built a platform. Sony Vegas Pro now makes the 3D production very straightforward and relatively simple to produce and tweak. The 3D results have been great, in my own opinion, but having excellent 3D doesn't matter if you can't find a deep enough audience. Even the major film producers, it seems, are not investing much in 3D for home use. I've purchased probably every 3D Blu-Ray movie ever made, yet my library is not that extensive. So, in my humble opinion, the great expense of developing an underwater 3D capability is not worth the investment. And in my further opinion, 3D camera systems that do not produce two separate video streams for editing (left/right eyes) are not really serious 3D anyway.