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Nikkor 8-15 with Kenko 1.4TC: Subal Zoom Ring

27 August 2018 - 04:04 AM

Hey folks


I'm looking into whether I can get made a Subal zoom ring (to use with Type 4 ports) for a Nikkor 8-15mm lens and the Kenko 1.4TC.  Although Subal has a zoom ring for the Nikkor 8-15, they do not currently have a zoom ring for the 8-15 + Kenko 1.4TC.

However if enough people are interested......


If this would be of interest to you, could you let me know? I understand price would be broadly the same as the current Subal zoom rings although maybe slightly more given the need for extended length.





WLTB: Subal type 4 EXR20

23 August 2018 - 01:20 AM

Hey Wetpixelers!

Does anyone have a Subal type 4 EXR20 lurking around that they no longer need and would like to sell?


If so, I'm interested......





For Sale: Subal extension and zoom ring, Magic filters, D800 Battery Grip

02 August 2018 - 12:38 AM

Greetings Wetpixelers!


I've sold a few items in recent weeks (many thanks to the buyers) and thought I'd consolidate what remains in one list.


Everything is in perfect condition, much loved, well-treated and now surplus to requirements.


Shipping would be from Amsterdam or the UK. Happy to take PayPal or bank transfer. Prices are plus shipping and PayPal charge.


Subal EXR90: the extension ring for the Nikkor 16-35  or Canon 24-70 : £150


Subal zoom ring: 4ZN834 for the Nikkor 16-35 in a type 4 Subal housing (so the latest 88 tooth version): £65


Subal V2 electronics board - ideal for fibre optic TTL control of Nikon cameras without built-in strobes (D500, D5, D850): £195


Magic filters: 10.5mm gel - £15; 77mm gel - £20


Push-on Wet lens: £10


Nikon MB-D12 battery grip (for Nikon D800): £150



Many thanks!


Loupedeck - a speciality keyboard for photo editing

29 July 2018 - 08:23 AM

Can we really have enough gear? Surely not, right? 


I thought I’d pass on details of a recent “investment” which might be of interest to WPixelers - especially to Lightroom (LR) users.


This is the just updated “Loupedeck+”. Made in Finland, essentially the Loupedeck is a dedicated keyboard setup specifically for photo editing. The new “+” version can be used with other packages but it is ideal for LR having dedicated keys for Contrast, Exposure, Clarity, Blacks, Whites, Highlights etc etc etc….  you get the idea. The attached link shows the detail.




Loupedeck is about the size of a normal desktop keyboard and although made largely of plastic, it has a good, quality feel.


The beauty of it is the ability to really fine tune the various settings - rather than, what I have always found to be, rather imprecise dragging of the LR sliders. This is WAY more precise and because the various dials have a very large range, you can really tweak away. Choose for example, through the Loupedeck keyboard, the Before/After setting and you can tweak away with massive ease - and great delight.


As well as editing, Loupedeck provides lots of Library-type functions: colour coding, star rating, Pick/Reject, filtering, Survey, Compare, Loupe and Grid views. And then you can customise everything. Endless hours of fun!


I’ve been using mine just over a week and have found it really speeds up my initial processing of images and, so far at least, makes editing a real pleasure. I don’t think it’s a replacement for a tablet - but the two together are terrific.


Definitely worth a look



​(And, no, this isn't free advertising: I bought and paid full price for mine. The shipping was free though) 


For Sale: Vivid Sentinel V4 vacuum valve

22 July 2018 - 06:01 AM

For sale, one Vivid Sentinel vacuum valve v4.


The valve has the Subal-sized fitting but can be transferred to other housings with, if necessary, a different housing adaptor.


The valve comes with the pump, spare battery and o-rings


Full details of the system and how it works are at http://www.vividhousings.com.


As you may have seen in previous posts I made, I'm a huge fan of the Vivid. I've been using one for a good few years and can heartily recommend them both as a company and as something I'd recommend anyone adds to their housing. They give an added level of leak protection/prevention and a definite sense of reassurance! And customer service with Vivid is really excellent. 


The V4 module has temperature compensation, overnight switch-off ability and low battery detector.


The eagle-eyed will spot on the attached photo that the pump says V3 on it. The electronics of the valve are the V4 edition as I upgraded the electronic chip from the V3 to V4 - easy to do. The buyer can have both the V3 and V4 electronics. I saw no point in replacing the V3 sticker on the pump with the V4 one. The pump is a very simple Vacuvin-style hand pump!


PM me for more details.


Price £125 plus shipping and any PayPal fees