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In Topic: Advice needed: A6500 vs D750

Yesterday, 11:01 AM

if possible i would try to rent a full frame equipment or simply housing and strobes to get a feeling what you think to buy....
Was using a D300 then changed to a Oly OMD5 mk I and now again a D500 setup.
The difference is price, weight and handling!
With a dslr rig, you need a lot more power, even without current.

What pics are you taking most?
Macro, then take a DX, better mirrorless.
Wide angle, Fx has some Advantage. But think about all cost factors...

And will you travel a lot with planes? Dslr will make your life harder...

An Investment in a good lens will pay out longer than in a good body ;-))


In Topic: Strobes for Olympus E-M5 II?

Yesterday, 10:47 AM

have used the Inon D2000 & Z240 and Sea&Sea YS250 pro.
Worked all fine with my Mk I.


In Topic: D500 vs D850?

14 August 2018 - 01:06 PM

Happy that i decided a D500 for both, under and above water then it came out.
And a few weeks ago bought a used D750 for above....
Only because a wedding of a friend ;-))

In Topic: Official Insurance Thread

08 August 2018 - 11:53 AM

Hi Wolfgang,
Manfred from Unterwasserkamera.at is offering an insurance on his page.
Have not been using it, but maybe worth a look.
Wolfgang the other ;-))

In Topic: Sea & Sea 12mm fisheye lens and Viewfinder for Nikonos - Mint

12 July 2018 - 11:31 AM

pick up from Austria / Europe is a bit a challenge...
What would the shipping be?
Vienna Austria 1120.