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In Topic: High quality less expensive sync cords?

18 November 2017 - 06:17 AM

I had not seen your question and have just posted the same question in the lights forum.  I haven't received any responses.  I did notice the Howshot cords are multi-strand. and that is usually desirable, but that is all I know.  I have always used the nauticam cables but wanted to pickup another backup cable and the savings are appealing if these work well.

In Topic: Going optical - best options?

17 November 2017 - 08:30 AM

I think it was a bit odd, from a marketing standpoint, for Inon to discontinue the current products months before introducing a new product.   I would have thought they would have at least waited until they had photos or specs or something.  The new Retras look promising but they are expensive and one has to be somewhat brave to invest something close to $2000 in a couple of strobes that are new on the market from a fairly new company.  Not saying they aren't a good product or the company won't be around, but still, they are a relatively unknown and expensive.  You should be able to buy two new  Z240s for just a bit more than a singe Retra.


I would expect there to be Inon strobes around if you keep looking and surely there will be some on t he used market.  My Z240 strobes have worked for a long time and work well in TTL when I use that.  I have used them with a number of cameras and housings, mostly Nauticam.  Really, I have no complaints and no reason to change or upgrade, but am curious about what the new strobes from inon will be.  I do wish someone could come up with something significantly smaller than what is out there now, but I doubt the technology exists.

In Topic: New TSA rules and underwater strobes

16 November 2017 - 11:19 AM

I do have TSA Pre-check, but I estimate that I have been able to use it about 70% of the time.  At my home airport, they don’t staff the pre-check line during slow periods and often my flights have me checking in late at night or very, very early in the morning and the pre-check line is closed and I have to go through the regular line and in many such cases, I have to do the full screening.  I have also experienced that in other airports several times…no pre-check line is operational for some reason and everyone gets the full screening.


I have also had multiple occasions on return international flights when, no “pre-check” annotation appears on my ticket when it is issued at the airport I am connecting through within the U.S.  I have had both the airline and TSA say "oh well, too bad, no pre-check for you on this flight."    This isn’t unique to me, I have seen it happen to others on multiple occasions.


In large part, I don’t want to be “that guy” that holds up the security line as I unpack bags and move stuff around to comply with the screening.  Therefore, I tend to pack in a way that works efficiently if the pre-check fails somewhere along the line.

In Topic: TTL control for Olympus

11 November 2017 - 07:34 AM

I am curious about how many flashes one can expect from a full charge, whether the unit fits in a EM1 II Nauticam housing and what delivery time to the USA is.  Anyone have any information on these things?

In Topic: WWL-1 questions

06 November 2017 - 09:00 AM

Thank you all for your input.  I remain on the fence about whether a WWL-1 offers much benefit.  I have seen some reports that results of the WWL-1 and 14-42 lens are noticeably superior to the 7-14 in a dome and on a par with the 12-40 in a dome, but others say maybe not so much.  I don't really care about lens speed too much, since I usually shoot around f 6.3 and smaller anyway.  It looks like once the buoyancy collar is added to the WWL-1 it is not any smaller than the 180 dome, so packing might not be simplified.


I would not anticipate using the WWL-1 as a removable lens to switch with a CMC underwater.  It would stay on during any particular dive, although I suppose I could also take a CMC on a dive trip where macro was anticipated, and thereby omit the 60mm and flat port.


I am still tempted, with the idea that I could save packing space by substituting the 14-42 and wwl-1 for the 7-14, 12-40, a couple of adapters, if indeed, the quality of output would not suffer.  If anticipating split shots I would still likely choose the 180 dome, and would still take the 8mm Zuiko and 100mm dome and probably the 60mm in a flat port where macro was likely, unless the CMC on a 14-42 would replace it.