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D7000- Tokina 10-17 Problem

24 September 2011 - 05:11 PM

Hi all ;-) Just wondering if anyone else has had or heard of this problem occuring. On fitting my tokina 10-17 the other week i went to take the usual test shots the night before the dive and on releasing the shutter the camera went into like a burst mode with the shutter trying to release, no image taken and err coming up on the display. I removed the lense, contacts looked good, so i tried again. Same result.Removed cards and battery to see if some sort of reset would occur, then tried again same story. Seeing that it was the weekend i couldn't contact the supplier till Monday. After talking to a friend he suggested removing the lense, facing the camera towards me and seeing if the mirror was raising and lowering properly. All seemed good. I fitted my Nikon 18-200 and tried some shots and presto everything worked fine. Fired off about 200 shots and thought problem solved. Wrong. Refitted the 10-17 the night before this weeks dive and as soon as i tried to shoot same prob. as before. I then started thinking that maybe an issue with the Tokina not being on speaking terms with the D7000 anymore so i tried putting the 18-200 on again but was still getting the same shutter issue and err coming up on the display. Starting to get very frustrated as the set up is only a few months old and has been working fine with all settings.
I also tried removing all user settings and setting up from scratch, no Joy, then this morning,Sunday, I tried the camera again with the Nikon lense and everything is working fine again, so I suspect the 10-17 but am not game to put it on again in case it screws the camera up. Any useful help would be much appreciated,
Cheers, John