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Blackwater "Pelagic Magic" Shots: Kona Hawaii

30 March 2013 - 11:06 PM

Just posted my Hawaii blackwater dive shots to my website.  




Many thanks to all of you blackwater veterans on Wetpixel that gave me advice before this trip so that I was able to get these shots.  Two great nights of diving.  Having the intel to set up properly before the trip made all of the difference in the world. 


Enjoy the pics.



Humpback Whale Calf: Roca Partida Mexico

30 March 2013 - 03:26 AM

I have finally had time to edit and upload my shots from our trip to San Benedicto, Socorro and Roca Partida Islands Mexico.  As we headed out into the current at Roca Partida for a safety stop after encounters with 7 species of sharks, a school of yellow fin, being buzzed by Wahoo and Cobia, and three different Mantas, we thought we were finishing one of the best dives of our lives when out of the blue a humpback mum and her two month old calf swam by- then stopped to hang out.  Safe to say that was the best dive of my life- what a dive site.  Enjoy the shots.




Off to work on my Hawaii blackwater and volcano/lava shots.  More to come...



1.4TC with 10-17 and 230mm dome

15 January 2013 - 12:47 PM

SInce I have gone from lighting to lenses, I thought I would bring this query over to this forum:

Two weeks until we leave for our Socorro-Hawaii trip. I read everyone's posts over the last few years on Blackwater diving set ups (twice). Great info. I am very happy to have this library of info to study beforehand.

I am on the fence between using my 60 or my 10-17 with a 1.4x TC. Query for you on the Tokina-TC set up:

If I get a 1.4TC and use it with my shaved 10-17, can I use my 230mm dome? Normally I use the 10-17 with this dome, but I am wondering if the optical maths don't work if I add the TC. I have a 35mm extension ring so I can put the outer glass on the 10-17 in the same place after adding the TC as before. Trying to avoid buying a minidome since I don't have that many opportunities to use it.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Tasmania, Neptunes SA (White Pointers), Indo

08 January 2013 - 02:46 AM


I just added a page from a trip to Tasmania. We dove with Eaglehawk Neck Divers around the Lanterns on the Tasman Peninsula. If you have not had a dive in the giant kelp forests- do it because it is a beautiful experience and they are disappearing quickly. Especially, if you have a dry suit. We had 14 degree water in the middle of summer. Brrr. Incredible experience- like walking through the forest after a fresh snow. Very peaceful and quiet. You can see where Ridley Scott and James Cameron's set designers get their inspiration! Very Avatar.

I also have pages up from diving with Andrew Fox in the Neptunes and from Damai I in E/NE Indo and Lembeh with Critters@Lembeh (Damai: Triton Bay West Papua to Halmahera).

Enjoy my website.


Off to the Socorro Islands and the Hawaii Black Water dives in two weeks.