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Sea & Sea Sync Cords

05 June 2015 - 08:11 AM

Does anyone know if it's possible to dismantle the Nikonos 5 connector on the end of a Sea & Sea sync cord?


I have just bought a Leak Sentinel for my Sea & Sea MDX-D300 housing and I want to fit it to the spare strobe port but the two strobe ports are very close together and the body of the Leak Sentinel catches the knurled ring at the top of the threaded section of the connector for the sync cord. I need to machine it down to make it fit but to do this neatly and avoid damaging the cord I really need to take it off the cord. The lock ring was easy as it just unscrews but the remainder of the connector looks to be sealed.


I can just mount the valve onto the strobe port and fit the electronics inside the housing but I would prefer to mount the whole unit externally.


Does anyone know if the connector can be taken apart or has anyone any suggestions for sorting this?