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In Topic: 5D iii rear curtin , subsee +10 (2 questions)

15 July 2018 - 04:48 PM

Agreed, I believe it's not possible. Go front curtain and wave the camera around while you do. Alex Mustard wrote a great article on slow shutter speed photography with different syncs to show the different effects you can get.

In Topic: Photography in Cold Water

14 July 2018 - 02:40 PM

More than possible, it can be fun :)


But it does require a little more patient experimentation. Try taking photos of the same scene with the strobes turned off, then with them on low power in different positions, then with high power in different positions. Look at the results on the computer to get a better idea of where the backscatter is coming from. Look up "close focus wide angle" techniques and think about framing that minimises the amount of water in your background. Or, move your strobes so the light only falls on things close to the camera. I often shoot with the lens pointing up and the strobes pointing down at the reef. There's no point lighting the water when there's all that dirt floating around. 


If you live locally and get to know the conditions, you will get photos on good days that noone else gets. People don't travel to cold water locations with variable conditions because the chance of getting a "good" day is too low and even then the vis isn't crystal clear. Equally don't be too disheartened by the fact that none of your photos have red fan corals on pure blue backgrounds. 

In Topic: Pelagic photography with 5dmkii

14 July 2018 - 02:32 PM

It's a great camera, I wish you luck with it. I took hundreds of thousands of images with my two and managed a few nice shots.

In Topic: Pelagic photography with 5dmkii

13 July 2018 - 02:55 PM

Back button focus, keep your f-stop narrow and use ISO/shutter speed to make things brighter instead. The 5D2 doesn't have very many focus points and the central one is noticeably better than the others. So if you are trying to track small objects in the blue, it will struggle until you get the focus point on the animal for long enough to work.


I suggest focusing on your fin tip at furthest extension, then snapping away. If the animals are further away than that...either refocus, or try and get closer.

In Topic: Forum Structure Changes

05 July 2018 - 01:52 PM

I normally go in via new content as well, though I admit last time I wanted to start a thread I pondered where exactly to put it. Looks much simpler now.


A silly question - are we going to see reinstatement of the photo of the week competition? That drove a lot of traffic to the site and improved the forums in turn.