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Sign of sponge harvesting?

28 May 2019 - 12:22 PM

This looks like someone took a saw through a sponge to cut it off. Anyone have any idea what these groove marks are?



LR Classic Printing on Epson Stylus Photo 1400

24 March 2019 - 01:07 PM

I just upgraded from LR 6 to LR Classic. I worked on a picture with a Foureye Butterflyfish in it but when I printed the picture, the fish details were blown. I was using Epson Ultra Photo Paper Glossy and ensured LR was doing the print management. I've never had this sort of problem in LR 6.


I decided to explore Soft Proofing which I've never had to use before. It showed the Gamut was blown for both the display and printer even though picture was fine on my calibrated monitor. 


I created a Softproof Copy and was able to bring the fish into acceptable Gamut range by adjusting the White control down. When I printed this virtual copy, it looked acceptable.


Just wondering if others have found a difference in printing from LR 6 ro LR Classic?



Automated Key Word Assignment

14 March 2019 - 03:04 PM

I'm looking at LR plugins that will scan and returned suggested keywords base on image recognition. As an example, here's a review of Cloud Tagger that utilizes Googles Vision engine. See https://photofocus.c...VOFsIhxCegI1Bt8


I've tried it on a couple of above water and below water images. Not bad but it seems to have problems with close ups.


I was wondering if anyone else had any experience they could share in automated key wording plug-ins for post processing.



Preventing Ear Barotrauma

26 February 2019 - 05:17 AM

On my last dive trip, I was diagnosed with ear barotrauma. The symptoms were that several hours after the dive, both ears started to hurt and I developed a head ache. The doctor who diagnosed me put me on antibiotics, advil and Sudafed. I experience the same problem on a trip the year before and think I was misdiagnosed by the nurse on the small island we were diving on.


Now, on reflection, I think I missed a condition I had that contributed to this. Over the last last several years, I've developed a perpetual post nasal drip down the back on my mouth and throat. I chose not to treat this with medication. In hind sight, this condition likely contributed to my barotrauma. Unfortunately, neither myself nor my doctor caught the association with potential ear problems.


I have an appointment with an ENT coming up but here in Toronto Canada. DAN has not been able to provide me a reference to any specialist with dive medicine qualifications in my area.


I thought I'd ask here if anyone else has experienced this and have found a good prevention regiment. I understand from the doctor who diagnosed me there are steps that can be taken such as taking Sudafed starting the week before diving. The first is I've got myself on the medication for post nasal drip.


Thanks in advance for any insights. Hoping this does not mean the end of my diving days.

Traveling - Convert Carry on Bag to Photo/Laptop Bag

04 January 2019 - 06:35 AM

I have a camera bag and laptop backpack I travel with. That counts as 2 carry on. The only reason I have two is because they are purposefully built. Mind you, I have modified the camera bag a bit to accommodate the housing and strobes.


What I'd like to do is modify a normal roller board carry on to be both a camera and laptop bag. I'm starting to play around with a couple of approaches using rigid black foam for the camera section. I am taking this approach because my wife and I only travel once a year for diving so I'm not really motivated to purchase a specialized bag. 


One aspect I'm keenly aware of is that any carry on needs to be prepared to be checked. There will be sufficient packing to allow this.


Normally, when I come with an idea, someone else has already tackled this so looking for any tips from those who went before me so to speak ;-)