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#396459 Panasonic GH5: what do you use to get the correct exposure?

Posted by thetrickster on 14 June 2018 - 11:56 PM

Filming underwater, I find trying to use a fully manual mode is hard, the changing conditions, lighting etc lends itself to using one of the semi auto modes. I use Multi meter mode also, as it doesn't cause big shifts in exposure if using one of the auto modes.


With the GH5 and GH5s where AutoISO works with fixed apertures and shutter speeds  (and the ISO performance is a non-issue) the need to 'monitor' exposure to me is a bit of a non-issue, with the GH4 i tried full manual and trying to adjust, but failed most of the time.


I only tool I find useful is the RGB parade, if doing a MWB on my monitor. But the GH5 screen I try and leave as bare as poss.

#396012 SUPE / Scubalamp Video Lights

Posted by thetrickster on 04 June 2018 - 04:58 AM

I took 2 of mine to Sri Lanka a couple of weeks ago, diving HMS Hermes.


Unfortunately due to luggage allowances on Qatar (and taking my CCR) I only took a GoPro with me and also no float arms, so it was a bit of a mess (too heavy without lots of shaking, so hardly anything worth while - ended up using it for photos more than video and even then most were pretty crap.


However even two lights, provided tons and tons of lighting both outside and inside the wreck. (Clips on other laptop, but can upload some bits later)


Here are a couple (of awful! LOL) pictures taken while the lights were on:






Great colour, beam spread, power and burn time.


Only negative i did have was one of the battery units charging circuits failed, but I emailed them a video of it not working, and by the time I got home, a FoC replacement was on its way to me, no ifs no buts and turn up last week.

#395956 Panasonic LUMIX GH5 for underwater video

Posted by thetrickster on 03 June 2018 - 03:46 AM

i would like to hear if any of you have had to admit that the micro 4/3 sensor is just a bit too small to capture great photos with ambient light below 20 meters?

Firstly if you are looking at stills photography I don’t think the GH5 is the right choice. The other cameras have better flash sync speeds, builtin flashes, higher bit depth raw modes and higher Mp etc.

But sensor size and iso performance (I don’t think) is something to consider these days in m43 cameras. I remember thinking ISO800 was a high iso back with my E-1. These days it’s a non issue.

But is the m43 sensor too small for ambient shots? No way.

If anything it’s better, you gain a load of depth of field for free with m43, running the same settings as FF and also don’t have to worry so much about diffraction as you don’t need to run >f16 to get everything in focus.

Below is a single frame (not even a photo!) taken at 27m (f5.6, 30fps, 1/60th)


Nothing wrong (to me) shooting landscape at depth. :-)

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#394878 Winter musings

Posted by thetrickster on 30 April 2018 - 05:20 AM

So, if you were in my shoes, which option would you choose?  Thanks for the help.


How much you got to spend? :)


The GH5 (and m43 generally for that matter) I don't think suffers from lack of DoF - set the aperture to f5.6 and you are golden.


What aperture are you running on your current camera? Might give you a good idea of what fstop you would require on a m43 lens to match the DoF.


Personally you might find the ergonomics of a still's camera very off putting compared to the ease of use with your L&M housing. The lack of instant thumb control for camera control - you might find it a big step backwards. I'm very pleased thou with that Nauticam have done with the NA-GH5, everything pretty much is at your right thumb.


So perhaps an AX700 in a gates housing would be a good call, but your right, I think the consensus is that Sony's MWB still isn't up to much compared to the Canon and now Panasonic (better its getting, but still not great) so you will probably still need the flip filter.


I've got zero complaints with my GH5/GH5s setup, but its a pretty amazing system when tied with the WWL-1. The only negative I have is the buoyancy and the need for so many float arms.


Something only really bettered (for video) if you are willing to spend another 15k-20k on an EVA1 or C200 at the moment.

#394641 GoPro Fusion or ThetaV - Anyone got one?

Posted by thetrickster on 22 April 2018 - 09:12 AM

I normally fly BA or United or similar. Horrible old planes, crap seats etc. But still give you 23kg bags (cheapish 2nd bag) plus the old style “if you can lift it, you can bring it” for hand luggage. This trip was really last minute and I had to get the same plane as the others on the trip to get the bus. Probably not my first choice. It will be an adventure.

Have a super trip! Look forward to the photos / videos.

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#394620 GoPro Fusion or ThetaV - Anyone got one?

Posted by thetrickster on 21 April 2018 - 06:44 AM

Looking at buying a new ‘toy’ to have a look at on my next holiday, and I’m eyeing up the Fusion - as taking my drone seems risky these days.

It seems to provide the best / sharpest video out of all the current prosumer cameras (from the current reviews of the Rylo, Insta360, ThetaV etc)

Wondered if anyone has one either land based or either taken it underwater (I think only the 360 bubble can do this to 10m...)

The thetaV looks really promising with its underwater housing to 30m, but the YouTube videos are pretty bad, yet the same clips on their website are pretty amazing.

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#394589 Show me your GH5, How you trim your buoyancy?

Posted by thetrickster on 20 April 2018 - 02:29 AM

Do you mean the Ikelite handle quick release system? Can it be adapted to the Nauticam?


I'm thinking these :




Can you explain what is your tyre weight system?



At your local garage, they have to balance your car wheels, they use stick on weights, in 5g or 10g blocks. You can use these anywhere on your camera housing, arms etc to get the weighting just right



#394567 Show me your GH5, How you trim your buoyancy?

Posted by thetrickster on 19 April 2018 - 10:06 AM

Here is my current setup



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#394505 Who is excited about Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K?

Posted by thetrickster on 17 April 2018 - 11:17 PM

At first, like everyone (I think) I saw the specs, the price and thought..whoa! Makes my recent GH5s purchase very expensive (but I still got it for a super low price, so can't complain...)


But here and on other forums I visit, people are starting to see the drawbacks of the battery, recording formats and the additional accessories you need to get it up and running.


Underwater, we have the issues of:
1. Battery life (only real option is USB based pack inside housing, like the A7 but means bigger housing)
2. Screen position
3. Control access
4. Heat (so might need fans, then an increase in housing size to cope with additional hardware and NPF battery)


As to whether or not it will get ProResRAW, that will be complicated issue, as its a licensing issue, only DJI and Atomos (I believe) have acquired ProResRAW licensing for their devices at the moment. So if they managed to get it on there, it will probably be a V-LOG-L type activation, or back to base upgrade as the licensing is per device.


Looking into the future, I can say that my 'next' camera (whenever that will be) will have to have ProResRAW, to make me wanna upgrade, it looks an amazing advancement in the < $5000 category.

#394321 News: Atomos Ninja V - New 5&rdquo; Recorder

Posted by thetrickster on 11 April 2018 - 06:57 AM

It’s written PRORES RAW, hopefully it has an SDI input connector.


Only HDMI. And it appears Atomos is getting ahead of itself in regards to getting a RAW signal over HDMI.... 

(DAMN - I was hoping it would be possible too...)


From a Panasonic rep at the Varicam division:



Panasonic is part of the HDMI consortium. This organization sets the standard for HDMI signals so that devices can talk to one another properly. RAW is not part of the spec, so there for it will not be output over HDMI.


Maybe in the future, but HDMI spec 2.1 is already out for consultation with a release Q1-Q3 this year - so we won't see anything this side of 2019.. :(

#394279 Who is excited about Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K?

Posted by thetrickster on 10 April 2018 - 05:59 AM

Looks good!


But I don't think its not going to happen, unless there is support for some sort of LANC controller to control the camera.


The camera is heavily controlled by the touch screen, with the videos I've seen, most of the adjusters being in different places depending on what you want to adjust. Making the use of hard to soft buttons (like on the atomos housings) would make a mess of the screen, as you would have to cover the number of options.


Have a look here, to see what I mean about the different screens (click the different 'Monitor' 'FPS' 'Shutter Angle' etc.. on the webpage to see the different screens) 



Would be amazing thou, as it shares the GH5s sensor, but seems to extract more performance from it.


Exciting times, especially with ProResRAW on the horizon too!

#394269 News: Atomos Ninja V - New 5&rdquo; Recorder

Posted by thetrickster on 09 April 2018 - 09:10 PM

I think this will be a great underwater monitor / recorder.


You would be silly to choose a 7" sized screen over this for underwater. The housing sizing difference is going to be dramatic. I know which one I would choose now.


Only 1000nits compared to 1500nits of the Flame/Inferno. But still really bright.

#394250 Anyone using Sea&Sea Buoyancy Handle (Plastic)

Posted by thetrickster on 09 April 2018 - 12:45 PM

In the end (due to lift requirements - 280g not enough for the space it takes up)

I’ve gone for two 90dia nauticam carbon aluminium floats with a long clamp in between and replaced the thumb adjuster for a nut so its more handle like...

Still like the idea of some colour mind to attract people’s attention.

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#394162 Anyone using Sea&Sea Buoyancy Handle (Plastic)

Posted by thetrickster on 07 April 2018 - 07:08 AM



I was searching online for some options on long arms for WA and for whatever reason


This came up in my search:






Yes, looks a bit silly (someone no doubt gonna try and take a call on it...) but it did get my thinking....


The yellow variant


is perfect for big rigs where you want to hand off your equipment to boat handlers and I'm always trying to point to a part they can take it from me with, with this handle, its large, bright and can't be missed.


Before I spend £150 on one (yes crazy price eh) - wondering if anyone is using one, had one etc?

#394135 GH5S Better colour

Posted by thetrickster on 06 April 2018 - 05:57 AM

Richard, have you found a way to use the speedbooster in the housing?

No, I haven’t as I don’t own any Canon glass and prefer using native glass for the auto corrections, and the rest of the goodies (CA, distortion correction etc)

But I know there is a port now available going from n85 to n120 specify for using the SpeedBooster:


As to the colours. Looking again at the differences this morning. There is a ~2% increase in exposure on the GH5s also which also affects the difference.

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