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#324661 Internal dome reflections.

Posted by blaisedouros on 17 January 2013 - 03:58 PM

Hope it helps! Moray Eel is just my current rating, my forum handle is blaisedouros which provides a huge degree of anonymity given that it's nothing like my name. Swear ;)

#324567 Internal dome reflections.

Posted by blaisedouros on 16 January 2013 - 08:46 AM

I notice that it's primarily your UV filter ring that is reflecting like this; presumably it has a relatively shiny surface on it? This is likely the main cause of the issue. Have you tried shooting without this UV filter?

I have seen many people paint the shiny portions of their lenses with matte black paint to help alleviate this, especially lenses with shiny silver or gold rings on them. Since it's just a UV filter on the front, what do you have to lose by painting it matte so it doesn't reflect?

Notice how in each of these images you are shooting into relatively strong sunlight? When enough light hits your lens through the dome, it reflects onto the inside of the dome. So if you can, avoid pointing your housed camera directly into strong light sources that you know will cause this reflection.

#312614 New video about Spearfishing

Posted by blaisedouros on 11 July 2012 - 09:35 AM

Hi Blaise, I don't think either Mike's or my post was akin to "tarring and feathering" ;-) but were only reactions and responses to an activity which is not normally showcased here on Wetpixel and would seem be at odds with best practise for underwater photography i.e. touch nothing leave ony bubbles and take only photographs.

Clearly this is a business operation and its success will largely be dependent on client footfall where the 'take' will necessarily be higher than from just one man's sport. I absolutely agree that spearfishing is a highly selective activity and has little general environmental impact, when compared with commercial fishing. However, targeting trophy fish will have a negative impact and the evidence of this can readily be seen in the Mediterranean.

The Wetpixel community is passionately concerned with conservation and these days conservation is also closely allied with management. For example where I live in Wales, there are annual culls of fallow deer in order to maintain a healthy and viable population. I am sure we are not of the type who mindlessly decry all and any form of animal husbandry without attempting to understand the rationale.

Nevertheless, I am uneasy about this footage being contributed here and a more appropriate vehicle would have been Deeperblue where the 'spearo' community hang-out and who also enjoy that descriptive title...

I certainly didn't intend to accuse you of tarring and feathering--your comment was measured and reasonable, and didn't use the words "murderous" or "psychopaths" either :) Please construe my comments as illustrative hyperbole only.

My point, to clarify, is that I believe that there's a place for sport hunters and sport fishermen in the conservation community, and many of them are just as committed as imaging enthusiasts to a healthy and productive ocean. I've seen photographers charge through a sea fan to get the shot they want...which to my mind is just as bad as someone taking fish irresponsibly.

Perhaps the feedback that HookBuzz can take away is that highlighting a conservation-focused mindset in future spearfishing media might open a few minds to an oft-maligned group in the underwater community.