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In Topic: GROUND RULES! (important)

Today, 01:41 AM

Please ensure that you have read and understood the ground rules for posting in the Classifieds before doing so.


The Wetpixel Classifieds is an area for members of the Wetpixel community to exchange items. As such, we currently require a minimum of 3 posts in any of the other forums before new members can post in it. The goal is to encourage new members to share their ideas, stories and knowledge within the community, and to be a part of the most vibrant community of underwater image makers on the planet!


A few other rules:


1. Industry/Commercial members: Please get in touch with us via the contact form (http://wetpixel.com/contact) to determine whether your post in appropriate. This is on a case-by-case basis. Please note that this is not an area for the commercial advertisement of products, but we recognize that Industry members may also have pre-owned gear available that may be of interest to the Wetpixel membership.

2. Please note that topics and posts cannot be edited or deleted. If your items have sold, simply add a reply to the topic stating this. Similarly, price reductions or other post amendments should be done by adding to the original topic, rather than creating a new one.

3. If you have multiple items for sale, please list them in a single topic. 

4. Many thousands of successful and mutually beneficial transactions have been completed on this forum. However, it is inevitable that this will attract a small number of individuals that may act fraudulently. If you are uncertain as to whether a transaction is legitimate or not, please consult this topic and/or contact us. The admin team have tools that can help detect fraudulent activity, but we rely on the community to be our "ears and eyes."

5. Wetpixel cannot assume responsibility for any activity on the forum. If you chose to proceed with any transaction, you do so at your own risk!

6. Please report your experiences as a buyer or seller in the feedback thread


Any posts considered by the admin team to be in breech of any of the above rules, may be edited or removed at their discretion.


Thank you!



In Topic: First dive trip with the D850

24 May 2019 - 06:35 AM

Just to echo Chris's words. Using a 77mm +2 diopter with the 16-35mm will be horrible!


The OP is using a Sea&Sea correction lens that is specifically designed to correct the lack of corner sharpness with full frame cameras and the 16-35mm. To be blunt though, with the D850, the lens of choice is the Nauticam WACP or a Nikonos RS13mm conversion.


I would also disagree about the 8-15mm being niche. Fisheye images are very common underwater (there aren't many straight lines!). They also avoid many of the corner sharpness issues. The 8-15 is a very good lens.


All the best



In Topic: Underwater Strobe Finder, 2019 edition

24 May 2019 - 04:04 AM

Unfortunately, BB Code cannot recognize the formatting of Excel or any other Office format.


Perhaps if you share the spreadsheet with me, I can post it to the front page?


All the best



In Topic: Go Pro Lens Filters

22 May 2019 - 01:33 AM

Hi all,


Can we try and keep this on track please? 


Perhaps it is worth revisiting what filters actually do...


Filters are reductive. No filter can "add" red to the visible spectrum. What they actually do is reduce the amount of blue (or green) to shift the spectrum towards the "red" end. This has the effect of helping to balance the colors in any images or footage, by removing the dominant color cast.


Post processing suffers from the same problem. Whilst it is possible to move the spectrum (in either direction), this is a global shift that will result in a loss of hue/saturation from whichever end we move it from.  While local color correction is possible, it is very hard to achieve an overall balanced look when doing so.


RAW capture will only capture what is there...if there is little or no red, there will be no red color information in the RAW data. Hence when color correcting RAW imagery by moving spectrums, you are effectively extrapolating and expanding from the existing data, not correcting!


Whether color correction at any depth is visually pleasing or not is in the eye of the beholder!


The marketing examples shown above illustrate this perfectly. None of the deeper (filtered) footage shows any red tones, but does show less blue. Bear in mind that the footage was captured in very clear water too...


The Hawaii University article quoted is not a scientific paper as such. It does state "red fish appear nearly black at 20 m" emphasizing that for all practical purposes, red light is no longer available at that depth. Testing with an underwater spectrometer actually suggest that in clear water, there is little or no red much past 17 or so meters. Again the marketing videos illustrate this quite clearly.


To return to the OP's original question though...


What Gopro lens filters for deeper underwater use are working the best? I can't seem to find one with high-quality glass.


1. How deep do you want to use the filters at? 

2. Why do you think glass filters are high quality? Optically, the issues with shooting through water are much "worse" than any that a filter will introduce. Most acrylic filters are of a very high optical quality!



In Topic: Anglerfish Trigger - remote slave sensor

14 May 2019 - 11:27 PM

I think mine is an Ultralight one.


It does loosen itself, particularly with all the leverage that can be applied by the strobe and clamp. I just tighten it as hard as I can.


That said, I have lost one Gorillapod...I would suggest having a lanyard that keep Gorillapod and strobe together in the event of them inadvertently unscrewing themselves..