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Lens advice for A6000

26 February 2018 - 01:54 AM



I've done some searching but haven't really found the help I was hoping for.  I've just started using a Sony A6000 in a meikon/seafrogs housing with a couple of Inon Z240's.  I was hoping to get some advice on which of the following lenses (which I currently own) people would recommend for wide angle, fish portraits, and macro.  All three lenses fit in the housing.  I may upgrade housing and/or add more lenses in the future, but I'm about to head to Thailand for a cousin's wedding and have 2-3days of diving booked in so was looking for advice on best utilising what I currently have.  The lenses are:

  • Sony E 16-50/3.5-5.6 kit lens.  I realise this lens is not optically brilliant but will 'do the job' in most cases.
  • Sony E 35/1.8.  Great prime lens on land; not sure of the best use for it underwater though.
  • Sigma 19/2.8.  Very good wide angle lens on land; good for wide angle underwater?

Any help is much appreciated.

Dual strobe connection

05 February 2018 - 06:39 PM

Hi. First off I'm fairly new to using this forum so apologies if this is the wrong section to be posting this.

I'm using an A6000 with a SeaFrogs/Meikon housing and a single DS125 strobe. I'm in the process of (hopefully) switching to a dual strobe setup with two inon Z240's and am trying to figure out the best way to drive/connect both strobes. I've found the Nauticam universal fiber optic cable (https://www.backscat...ic-Cable-System) which I think would work for 1 strobe, but am unsure how to connect to two strobes. Is it as simple as getting two of these cables and connecting the strobes independently?

At this stage I'm happy to stick with the SeaFrogs housing as it fits the lenses I'm using, but may look to upgrade to an ikelite or Fantasea housing at some point in the future. (Nauticam is out of my budget).

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.