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New DX-1G

18 April 2008 - 04:39 AM

My new DX-1G arrived last night. I got the pro package. I have been shooting for years with a Nikonos V and wanted to move over to digital, after seeing so many great pictures from people on other dive trips using digital.

Any advice for a new DX-1G owner would be appreciated. At first blush everything looks good, just working my way through the manuals and getting familiar with the equipment.

One thing is that the information that comes with the package is spread out over all the seperate components. Does anyone know of a comprehensive guide for this camera?

Gotta go to work now.

SDHC cards and compatibility

16 April 2008 - 01:31 PM


Does anybody know if the Sea & Sea DX - 1G is compatible with 8GB SDHC cards? The specs say it is compatible with SDHC (4G ) but I believe when they were written, there was no 8GB card on the market.

Also does anybody have any SDHC cards they would recommend. I have used digital SLRs for years, but none used the SD-style chip.

Also has anybody used the eye-fi wireless SD card?

Thanks for any input.