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Focus light macro

16 August 2008 - 07:02 PM

Hey Guys,

I had a great trip to Indonesia, but had a leak that made it so that I couldn't use the strobes. So these shots were taken with just a focus light (Fisheye halogen) and a D70. I will, if I can get some shots together, post some available light shots later. Here, a couple shots taken with just the focus light at large apertures ...
Juvenile crocodile fish
Posted Image
Swarm of stinging catfish
Posted Image

...both shots on night dives with a AF (no focus knob) 60mm f2.8. Queries and comments most welcome.


Optical versus electrical strobe sync

14 August 2008 - 06:07 AM


I have searched this site, googled and clicked away, and still can't find a good discussion of the factors to consider in choosing optical versus electrical strobe connections. I care about this because, first, I am considering moving to Inons (for weight, compactness, and AA); and, second, because I had a minor leak in a sync bulkhead (Subal/Nikonos) and it got my attention (hooray for leak detectors -- no damage after a thorough cleaning and drying!). I'd be especially interested in discussion for Subal/Nikon, as that's my setup: I have seen the external Inon converter -- what are its advantages over electric sync? Any chance of more streamlined, leak-resistant converters for Subal (e.g., something that fits on the hot shoe or in the housing)? I prefer not to Do It Myself -- I'm a modeler, not an experimentalist!

Plus, I hate those fiddly Nikonos plugs...

My thanks for any links or discussion here.


Happy with your Inons?

27 January 2008 - 06:10 AM


I've used Ike strobes for many years, and I'm quite satisfied with the performance and reliability of my DS-125s. However, they are kinda big and heavy, especially when I am traveling with land as well as uw camera gear. Before I melt the credit card down, though, I have a few questions:

1. Is anyone having good luck with a Nikon-Subal-Inon setup?
2. Should 2 Z240's (or D-2000's?) cover a 10.5FE well?
3. Am I crazy to consider switching brands?
4. Is Inon service pretty good?
5. Anyone used these with the HW inline or in-housing converter, or the S&S?

Thanks for any help or comments.


Ah, calamari

24 January 2008 - 10:10 PM


I love these animals, and am struggling to get a good photo. I think I've captured a bit of their surprising intelligence here, but would be interested in comments on technique and post processing. Cropping? Saturation? Funky black water?


PS, larger image here.
Posted Image

Followup: How many shots?

10 January 2008 - 03:12 PM


I'd be interested to know how other approach this. My shot count per dive have ranged from 0 (bad viz in a boring place) to 200 (the f*ing crazy whitetips in Cocos on a night dive -- kudos to the charge capacity of the Ike DS125).

For me, there are five levels of culling.
  • As I go in the water and get to the bottom, I test fire a few shots to make sure my imitial assumptions (something like f8 and 1/250 and 1/2 power on the stobes with diffuser with a base ISO of 200) aren't too bad. I trash all of these shots, as I go.
  • As I find the range, I tune the exposure -- mainly flash power and shutter speed. I blow away obvious trash as I go, if I have time.
  • Immersed in a shot (say, of a goby on a coral head), I chimp and try to get the shot right. The action is too fast to bother with deleting photos. I just adjust and keep the misexposed shots.
  • When I surface and review, then a good number of the shots are clearly inferior to others -- just based on different histograms of similar subjects. I blow the crap away.
  • Each day, get rid rid of the obvious junk before backing up to laptop or more compact (in my case, Wolverine) device.
What this means for me: I keep only about half my shutter actuations, and I only bother to PP about 1/10. On a recent trip to the Bay Islands, I posted about 40 shots out of 1000 (1 in 25) -- and was thrilled about my productivity. And think of all the chemicals that were not used, for digital vs film!

My 2 cents,