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Dumagete and Puerto Galera, Philippines

01 June 2008 - 11:17 AM

I've just spent 8 days in the Philippines in both Dumagete and Puerto Galera staying at Atlantis Resorts. Both resorts had fantastic diving, from muck diving to pristine coral reefs, shipwrecks and the best pier diving I've ever done.

Both resorts really cater for photographers with great guides who are fantastic at spotting critters that do not need any "encouragement" to pose. In Dumagete the guides even carry slates with them to write down the names of the wierd and wonderful things we were seeing - very handy indeed!

I cannot recommend these two resorts highly enough for photographers - the Pier at Dumagete, even though private and needs special permissions, is definintely one of the best locations I've ever been fortuante enough to dive and works well for both macro and wide angle - there's enough life on one pier leg alone to spend a whole 60 minute dive on and the swim back to the boat across the sand always resulted in finding more wierd and wonderful critters!

Anyway enough talk, the rest of the pics can be found here: http://www.sealifeth....com/page11.htm

Inserting a copyright watermark in CS2?

09 May 2008 - 10:06 AM

Try as I might I cannot find out how to insert copyright watermarks on my images (not that anyone would use them but hey!)

Can anyone give me a dummies guide on how too please?

Thanks in advance...

Help needed with a HUGYFOT housing please

09 April 2008 - 05:33 AM

I wonder if anyone can help.

I've noticed that when using my 10-17mm and 10 - 22mm lenses the gear mechanism unmeshes itself during a dive. To start with I thought the silicon ring and gearing ring on the lens was slipping down so I secured it with a cable tie, the problem is still happening though.

I *think* that even though I am making sure the two gears mesh together nicely when putting the camera in the housing, once underwater the housing gear is actually pushing the camera lens AWAY from the gear (the camera is only secured in one place in the housing where you would expect to screw into a tripod)

Has anyone else had this problem with a Hugyfot (or indeed any other housing that uses a similar attachement system) and if so, how have you got around it?

Please help, all my dives are ending up with me at the wrong end of the zoom for the photos I want to take!!!

Your help please - fish behaviour websites?

07 April 2008 - 11:23 AM

I wonder if you can help me please?

I have a list of "things" I would like to photograph like I'm sure you all do, whilst surfing online I'm struggling to find websites where I might find, for example, where and when is the best time to see jawfish with eggs, what time of year is the queen conch migration in the carribean, when does the coral spawning on the GBR take place etc etc

Diveworldwide and Barefoot traveller both have very simplistic calenders but mainly centre on the larger phenomemon such as where and when you're most likely to see whale sharks and that sort of thing, I am looking for soemthing a little bit more detailed and varied.

So, does anyone know of a website, that a non marine biologist but keen photographer wanting to learn more about the underwater environment , might be able to find the sort of information I have described please?

Buying a strobe from the USA?

26 September 2007 - 03:51 AM

Hi all I wonder if you could help me please?

I am looking to buy an Inon Z240 from the states as the exchange rate is so good at the moment, can anyone point me in the right direction of someone I can buy online WITHOUT using Paypal, an international money transfer or AmEx? ie by standard Visa or matercard?

I've found some fantastic deals with some very helpful people but no way to pay without one of the three I've mentioned already.

Help please - I'd love to order today!