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#207708 Housing Leak Detector

Posted by hanachan on 08 April 2009 - 07:52 AM

I have been asked why my cheap detector does not work in fresh water.
My answer is that fresh water has little ion ie high resistance. so the
electric current is very little(near 0) between the sensor electrode in fresh water.
As a result the detector failes to emit light.

I would like to show a solution that my detector can work in fresh water.

This light is very cheap but very intelligent. It works all or none mode.
When the electric current between the sensor electrodes exceeds some level,
it emitts.
The level to emit light is already fixed. We cannot change the level.
So it is necessary to increase the electric current between the sensor electrodes.

I made the 2nd detector. It was very easy and I finished DIY about 10 minutes.

I prepared the salt and the paper.

I sprinkled the salt a bit over the sensor electordes on the paper
and covered it with adhesive tape.

The cheap detector was sucessfully emitted with the fresh water !

Of course, Under the Sea, NO salt is necessary.

Thank you.