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In Topic: Housing considerations for video on the ViDSLR:

18 August 2009 - 04:14 PM

"We have a custom solution for activating video that is easier than Set, but I'll leave that for a future thread."

Nothing new here...just using the Canon infra red controller which can be positioned anywhere within the housing that fits...and activate via a dedicated lever control, rather than the awkward SET.

I've done this for my Subal F4 mod for my Canon 5D2...should be equally feasible with any housing.

In Topic: 5D mkII for video?

02 July 2009 - 09:30 PM

Have a look at some of the other 5D2 videos by Aussie Mike Fletcher on vimeo...outstanding!

Seeing them convinced me more than anything else to go for the 5D2.

In Topic: 5D mkII for video?

26 June 2009 - 02:40 AM

Focussing can be helped in two ways:

1) Use an external monitor...no different to a normal video system.

2) Pre-focus each scene using the "AF On" button at the back of the camera...no need for mechanical focus gearing. This is actually a better way to shoot video UW ...AF in my Sony HDV was always "hunting" in open water scenes, so I eventually used manual focus more often.

Housing design will be crucial in terms of ergonomic access to video controls...so far most housings (except the Aquatica) will require custom mods to make them useable for serious UW video. Also, I agree...unless necessary, stick to either video or stills per dive.

The more I use the 5D2 the more impressed I am with how it lends itself for the way I need to shoot video...in a more controlled and disciplined way. And the resultant HD video quality is far better than anything less than a RED...IMHO. With a good (cheap) Follow Focus rig and a viewing system (a la Red Rock, or clone) , the 5D2 is a lovely video camera to work with on land...even hand held.

By the way, yes Canon are working on a "Real" video camera...smaller cmos chip size, will probably take EF lenses, but will have dedicated lenses with special AF motors for video work. ETA...2010 or 2011. Might even be 4k capable...estimated cost around US$10k...so, yes it will be a very different animal aimed, no doubt, at the RED/Scarlet crowd.

In Topic: HID Color Temps

22 June 2009 - 10:46 PM

Thanks for the reply. Could you provide a link or some information of those bulbs and what lights you put them in? I'm an Underwater Criminial Investigator and my video has to be excellent. Anything less is not an option. L&M is selling the 21 watt bulbs for $350 and I haven't had the courage to as about the 10 watt. I like the sound of prices where you are at.


Hi Dan,

Sorry it taken me ages to reply.

My HID lights & bulbs are from HDVSEATEK (see their advert here on Wetpixel)...BUT what Drew says is very true ...be careful matching the correct bulbs/ballasts.

In Topic: 5D mkII for video?

22 June 2009 - 10:34 PM

I've finally got a Canon 5D2 and some lenses, including the 17-40mm. My old Subal F4 housing is currently being converted for the Canon...but in the meantime I'm testing it out topside. Amazing camera...amazing video quality. Even the 30p conformed to 24p or 25p gives a lovely, gentle over-cranked effect which should be great for most UW sequences.

1. I've decided on shooting video and stills with two HID 50 lights. If necessary a compact Inon 240 can be attached to each HID, only one cable the other on slave.

2. The Canon's low light performance is outstanding...a couple of reviews compare it favourably to RED...better than EX1/3.

3. WB will work. I usually pre-set WB for Daylight and use powerful HIDs when necessary.

4. The 17-40mm is an excellent lens (sharper than the 16-35mm). Use the "AF On" to pre focus each sequence...the DOF at 17mm will help. Don't forget to use the correct Diopter for a given dome port.