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Ikelite 5D Housing and Camera Mk 1 / Classic 12.1 MP

17 March 2016 - 04:46 PM

I have an original Canon 5D body with the Ikelite housing for sale.  I'm looking to get $400 for the pair.  It includes a bunch of batteries and 2 chargers for the camera.  This would be perfect for someone looking to get into underwater photography with a full frame setup and not investing too much.

I also have a 5" dome port originally intended for the 17-85mm lens (with the manual zoom adjustment built in) but it fits a number of different lenses I've found, including a 50mm, which I can throw in for $75.


Additionally, for $125 I will include an Ikelite sync cable and an Ikelite 50 Strobe.  It's just the old manual one but it is almost as bright as the new ones, and it runs on AA batteries with a surprisingly fast recycle time.  I keep it with me when I travel because it's tiny and it's nice to have when I don't have time to charge anything as a backup.  


Take it all for $600 and I'll ship it free.