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RAW converters

25 August 2015 - 09:32 AM

Im using LR/Photoshop a lot but keep running into the same problem repeatedly.  Namely, with photos involving a significant tint (ie underwater, manual WB or filter photography), the adobe software gives me substantially different looking images with substantially less editing potential than the same file loaded into Canon digital photo pro (and then exported as a TIFF).
Some examples:-
Manual white balance at about 4m depth.  No editing on RAW
Same as above.
The situation gets worse the deeper i go.  Some filter stuff in the 10-16m range is drastically different.
20m depth, magic filter
From Lightroom/ACR the white balance slider is imported as this:-
Its an issue because the original JPG looks good, importing the preview jpg (embedded with RAW) displays as per the camera.  Then when its thumbnailed and finished importing the lock to the green with maxed out tint and balance settings.
It means i can do very little or no colour correcting editing in the Adobe products.  Canon DPP imports it looking pretty much as per the JPG with full adjustments allowed.  Exporting the RAW from DPP as a TIFF then importing that TIFF into lightroom allows full adjustments to be made.
To me it seems as if the Adobe raw engine for Canon is misreading or unable to utilise the full range of data or is importing a setting incorrectly.  With strobe lit shot this isn't an issue as there arent the huge tints to deal with.
Ive had this problem with RAWs from various canon compacts (S95, S120) and DSLRs (450d, 550d, 70D) and lots of versions of lightroom (from v4 to CC 2014) and photoshop (from CS onwards) and its a consistent problem.
Its not a picture style issue as ive tried all the various ones of those - its quite simply my manual WB underwater shots appear far greener and tinted in LR with little or no scope for adjusting than in DPP.
Obviously re-exporting all my CR2s as TIFFs from DPP just to import into LR is a fairly annoying extra step editing.
So has anyone else noticed this or can suggest a workaround?

Disabling/Bypass Ikelite TTL Controller on housing?

26 February 2015 - 02:06 AM

Relatively time critical question...
I'm currently in Lembeh for a few days with the camera but the TTL controller on my housing is playing up, buttons electrically (not physically) stuck causing mode and power changes i cant override with the strobe (DS161s) dial themselves.  The last time it was stuck on the default TTL mode and i couldn't hold both buttons in to turn to manual.
I never ever use TTL so this was a pain and causing very inconsistent shots.
So, can anyone tell me what pins to mask on the hot shoe OR as a last plan, what wire to cut so the thing just fires bypassing the controller?  This should then allow me to use the dial on the strobe to adjust power.

Kuala Lumpur U/W photo gear shopping?

29 October 2014 - 05:41 PM

Ive got 1 possibly 2 days in KL before returning to Indonesia in a few weeks.  Im specifically looking for either a Canon S110 or S120 with the Canon U/W housing.  I know Lowyat is likely my best place for the camera but am i likely to get the housing there as well?

Failing that, can someone recommend me somewhere in the area i can get to in order to buy one.  Ideally i'll be there 1 day, 2 at most.


Also, im looking to see if someone sells the Ikelite 67mm wide angle lens for their S100 housing somewhere in that area for a friend if possible.